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Why Media Library Studio?Why Media Library Studio?

  • Do you have a big collection of CD or DVD?
  • Do you spend hour with looking for specific movie in your library?
  • When you are looking on movie title, your first question are:
    • What are the movie quotes?
    • Who play in this movie?
    • Who directed this movie?
  • Do you want to find all your movies with your preffered actor/actres?
  • When you are looking on medium you will see only hundreds of files?
  • Are you looking for all your home made videos?
  • Do you want to send list of your movies to your friends by e-mail?
  • Or do you want to have covers of similar types on your DVD boxes?

If only once you answered YES, then continue

Media Library Studio is a solution for you.

No more mess in your CDs and DVDs. No hours of time looking for your prefered movie.
But peace and rest on your chair when you will find everything what are you looking for.
Each medium will be under your control in your Media Library Studio.

How can Media Library Studio help you?

Main goal of Media Library Studio is a managing all of your media.

You can also:
  • Simply find info about each movie in your library.
  • Have all DVD in boxes with similar covers.
  • Be well informed about your audio CDs.
  • Always find every game in your library.
  • See only important files on your media.
  • See which media did you lend your friends and family.

How to use Media Library Studio?

Media Library Studio is recommended use with following steps:
  • First of all check your application properties, especially LAN settings.
  • Pres "Ctrl+I" or choose Read item to catalog from submenu Actions,
    and you can add your first medium into library.
  • If you will see message There is no disk in the drive... press Cancel or give medium to drive.
  • In the window Add item choose disk or directory, which do you want to add to library.
  • You can check directories with right button of mouse whose are not be readed.
  • Press button Add media content and medium will be readed and content will be inserted into library.
  • In main window choose Show all records. and select only important files or directories
  • When you change visibility on Show only visible records you will see only selected files
  • Repeat steps above to add next media into library
  • Pres "Ctrl+S" or choose Save catalog from submenu Menu and save your library in selected file.
  • When you select record in records table you can change group.
  • You can also press right button of mouse and choose Edit item.
    In next window you can read IMDB info for movie
  • Your library you can export to Excel file choosing Export catalog from submenu Actions.
  • When you need find medium where is your game choose Find record from submenu Actions.
  • When you select medium and choose Print item from submenu Actions
    you can print cover for your medium.
  • When you select medium and choose Item properties from submenu Actions
    you can set actual state of medium.


It was always nightmare to find the right medium from my big collection, I used to try tons of media than I find right. I tried Media Library Studio and I have more time on more important things in my life.
Mr. E. Livingstone
I am big fan of cinema and movies and etc. I have full bookshelves of DVD and CD with movies. And I am always visiting IMDB page for information about movies. Each time when I was looking for movie with particular actor or actress I spend a lot of time with searching it. Sometimes I had taste to see some good comedy, sometime some good thriler or drama. Or I want to find particular movie. With such big collection it was always problem. I tried a lot of catalog programs. Many of them was not bad, but I need more. At last I tried Media Library Studio. It lasted a long time to fill all media in this program (My collection contains about 300 DVDs :-)) , but now I am happy. I printed cover for each DVD with ordinal number in DVD label. DVD are in order on my bookshelves. And I now find every movie in seconds.
Excelent program. My media are now under control.
Michal J.

Listening music?Watching movies?Playing games?
Listening music?Watching movies?Playing games?

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