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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Basic rule for fat people

Are you fat, and do you want to reduce weight?

And from everywhere around you hear how it is easy with their product?
Don't believe them. It is not easy, it is very difficult process.
No diet pills, no plasters, no special drinks.
Basic rule is:

You must eat less callories, than your body burn.

And your body burns more calories when you are active. Not when you are sitting and watching TV, but when you are playing with your children table tennis, or do something similar. That why is good program "Energy Diary".

You will see how much callories you will eat, and how much you will burn.
I will write here some good advices for everyone who wants to change his/her weight.


World is in bite of fat pandemy


World is in bite of fat pandemy, which would ruin health system each country in consequence of not checkable widespreading of diseases like diabetes or cardiovasular diseases and shorten average length of life for next generations. On that suggested authorities on international conference in australian Sydney.

"Obesity is worldwide disaster. Unobtrusively spreading subtle pandemy of obesity bites whole world now," said australian professor Paul Zimmet on initial ceremony of International congress about obesity, where meets more than 2500 experts and representatives of world health services.

According to Zimmet, who is authority on diabetes, presents obesity for world equal menace like a global warming and bird flu, for example.

Like said participants of congress, expenses on treatment health problems joined with obesity, are assesed on billions dolars per year in countries like Australia, Great Britain and USA.

"We are not in front of scientfic or health problem, but we are in front of monstrous economical problem, that step by step ruins each health service in the world," said professor Philip James, head of group established by health organizations for struggle with problems joined with overweight.

One from the most important problems is a rapid growth obesity of children, those are in older ages more liable to various chronical diseases.

Present generation children (according to problems joined with overweight) could be first in history, that will be dying soon than their parents, said professor Kate Steinbeck, authority on treatment of children's diseases in Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney.

World health organization(WHO) presents, that overweight is problem of more than 1 billion adults in present, and 300 milions are sufering from heavy obesity. In this group of people, comparing to others, exists much more chance of diseases like diabetes, hearth problems, high blood pressure and specific forms of cancer.

At present, as said Zimmet, there is more people suffering from obesity than from innutrition. To second group it is possible to assign about 600 milions of people.


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