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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Villagers Tower Defense - Tower Defense Game

Villagers Tower Defense is simple tower defense game from You must protect your main building in the village from incoming enemies.

Villagers Tower Defense is standard tower defense game. You are playing on the city map. There you can build your towers to protect your main building. You can build these towers:
  • Simple Tower is the cheapest weapon, with low damage and attacks all ground enemies.
  • Moving Tower is medium damage tower with moving ability. You can move it by double click on it.
  • Air Tower attacks all air enemies with medium damage.
  • Kamikaze attacks all ground enemies in kamikaze style with great damage. But it also destroys itself during attack.
  • Slowing Swamp mud is slowing attacking enemies.
All weapons can be upgraded more times and sold.

The game has standard game engine, with standard controls. It has some new features like kamikaze and moving towers. The game engine has average graphics and average sound effects. It also contains inline help. Playability of this game is average. It has a lot of levels. You can continue on the next map after finishing previous one.

Villagers Tower Defense is average tower defense game. It has some good features but playability of this game is average. I am giving this game 6.0 from 10 points.

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