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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Waves of Joy - Tower Defense Game

Waves of Joy is simple tower defense game from It has unique idea and a lot of game modes.

Waves of Joy is unique tower defense game. Purpose of this game is to entertain park visitors entering the park in groups. They disappear, when they are enjoyed and and you gain points. Otherwise they leave park unhappy through exit, and you lost lives. In order to achieve this, player locates the park employees to be selected from the menu, to any place of choice in the area. Located employees automatically start to entertain or serve the park visitors passing nearby. Park visitors include four age groups of men and women. All age and gender groups have their own properties and interests. Therefore different park employees affect joy of visitors in different rates. You can employee these entertainers in the game:
  • Hot Corn Bufet is effective on everyone.
  • Simit Seller is also effective on everyone in range.
  • Clown is effective on everyone in low range.
  • Musician slows down visitors.
  • Balloons is effective on children.
  • Ice Cream Buffet is effective on teenagers.
  • Hot Dogs is effective on adults.
  • Bench is very effective on older people
  • Fortune Teller is effective on all women in range.
  • Target Shooter is effective on all men in range.
Employees can be upgraded and fired. You can upgrade their call effect, range, rate and angle.

Waves of Joy has specific game engine, with complicated controls. It is good to know basic keyboard shortcuts. They are here:
  • 1,2,...,0 - Select employee
  • Space - Send next group
  • Esc - Deselect employee/Show menu
  • S - Dismiss employee
  • M - Menu
  • P - Pause game
  • Q - Upgrade call effect
  • W - Upgrade call range
  • E - Upgrade call rate
  • R - Upgrade call angle
You can play the game in 3 difficulties. And you can also choose some special game modes. In basic mode it is good to play game to use maze strategy. It is important to combine entertainers. The game has an average graphics and playability.

Waves of Joy is tower defense game with unique idea. You don't have to kill enemies, you must only entertain visitors of the park. It has some an average playability. I am giving this game 5.5 from 10 points.

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