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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Viking Defense - Tower Defense Game

Viking Defense is very nice tower defense game from IriySoft. The game has very good playability and has big variety of weapons and possibilities. It is similar to Canyon Defense.

Viking Defense is not an average game. In this game you must protect your village from attacking enemies. You can buy these combat weapons to do this:
  • Watchtower is basic weapon against floating enemies.
  • Catapult has very good splash damage and range against floating and underwater enemies. It is not suitable against fast enemies. You need to destroy 10 boats, before it will be enabled.
  • Falcon Cliff is good weapon against flying and floating enemies. You attack them with falcon. You need to destroy 25 flying enemies to enable it.
  • Bastion is good against floating and underwater enemies. You must place 10 platforms to enable it.
  • Greek Fire is good against floating enemies. It attacks enemies with continuous fire. You need to inflame 10 enemies to enable it.

You can buy also these sacred weapons:
  • Sacred Oak is basic weapon against flying enemies.
  • Stone Head slows down flying and floating enemies. You need to plant 5 Sacred Oaks to enable it.
  • Sparkling Pillar is good weapon against flying enemies. You need to kill 4 enemies at once with help of Mjolnir ability.
  • Quarry of Rage is excellent weapon against floating enemies. You need to destroy 3 sunken enemies to enable it.
  • Sanctum of Tempest is very strong weapon. You must freeze 50 enemies with help of Isa rune to enable it.

You can also buy these special buildings:
  • Temple of Thor adds you Mjolnir ability and grants you Raidho rune. You need to destroy 20 enemies to enable it.
  • Forge gives you Platform ability and grands you Hagalaz rune.
  • Temple of Odin grants you Tiwas, Kenaz and Isa runes. You need to enchant 12 towers by runes to enable this building.
  • Chamber of the Chief gives you Command ability and grants you Slowil rune. You need to collect 3000 gold to enable this building.
  • Temple of Freyr gives you harvest ability and grants you Laguz rune. You must build 3 temples to enable this building.

You can gain these abilities:
  • Dismantle gives you oportunity to destroy existing weapons or buildings.
  • Mjolnir you can attack enemies with splash damage hammer.
  • Platform gives you ability to build platforms on the water.
  • Command can mark enemy for priority aiming.
  • Harvest disable all the special abilities for enemies in the range.

You can buy these runes:
  • Raidho improves aiming for towers.
  • Hagalaz increases tower damage.
  • Taiwaz increases tower range.
  • Kenaz adds fire damage.
  • Isa adds ice damage.
  • Sowil increases speed of towers.
  • Laguz improves aiming.

As you can see game is very complex. It has more levels, and you must finish them before you can continue in next level. Finished levels are saved. You must wisely choose weapons, runes and abilities to finish this game.

Viking Defense has very good game engine. All controls in the game are clear. It is copied from Canyon Defense. The game has very good playability and it takes you a lot of time to finish it.

Viking Defense is an excellent and complex tower defense game. I recommend this game for all TD players. I am giving this game 8.5 points from 10.

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