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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

King's Island - RPG Game

King's Island is excellent RPG game. P.M. Studios & Foofa Studios make a good work.

King's Island is first online RPG game, I have ever played. It took me days, to finish this game. Why did I spend days with playing this game? Because it is really good game. The game has simple idea. On King Island has started terrible riot. King Maleficus want to punish rebels. You are the warrior Kaptivo, who is responsible to assure peace on the island. You can build your character with increasing of your experiences. After killing rebels you can gain useful things or money. You can also gain these things from chests. After clearing map, you can use passages to other maps. Usually on every map you must kill boss of rebels. It owns special weapon, that is necessary for killing boss in the next map. You can also sell or buy things from merchants. It looks like easy game, but it is not always true. The game has many maps and it is important to find right order between maps. You can find maps and important info on the game page. Without them you will spend much more time with this game. Next info you can also find in the community forum on the page.

King's Island is an excellent game. It has only one minus. You need so much time to finish this game. But I am sure it will be funny time. I am giving this game 9.5 points from 10.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Industrial TD - Tower Defense Game

Industrial Tower Defence is simple tower defense game from unknown author. You must protect your factories from your competitor, Evil Bob.

Industrial Tower Defence has map with more crossed ways. Before each wave you can see ways of incoming enemies. You must create good defense to protect your factories. You can do it with help of these weapons:
  • Rifle is basic weapon with good rate.
  • Arrow is weapon with good range.
  • Snipper has an excellent range.
  • Frost can slow enemies with froze.
  • Inferno is slow weapon with good damage.
  • Lightning has good damage and speed.
  • Laser has good damage and average speed and range.
  • Rocket has the best damage in the game but it is very slow.
Weapons are upgraded automatically with experience and number of killed enemies.

You can earn money from killing enemies or from your factories. To improve your features, you can buy higher technology level. On the map you can move with help of arrow cross in top right side. The game has simple game engine, with simple graphics without sound effects. Industrial TD has an low playability, and it turns from very easy game at the start to super easy and boring game in higher levels. It is suitable for beginners.

Industrial Tower Defence is average tower defense game with variable ways on the map. I am giving this game 5.5 points from 10.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Create your Own Tower Defense

Create your Own Tower Defense is not guide how to make tower defense games. It is simple tower defense game from Luke Reed, where you create your own game.

Create your Own Tower Defense is standard simple tower defense game. But before you start to play, you must create your game.
  1. The game contains simple map editor. You can add tiles on the map using drag&drop system. With this system you can create background of the map.
  2. Now create path for the enemies. At first you choose number of waypoints where enemies change their direction. At next with help of your mouse, you can move these points.
  3. Now it is time to create towers. You can choose from more weapon images for weapon and background. Then you must define physical features of the weapon. You can choose from these weapon types: Arrows Tower, Bombs Tower, Fire Tower, Ice Tower, Acid Tower, Water Tower and Wind Tower. For selected weapon you can define features like Range, Speed, and Damage. And of course, its price.
  4. In the game you can define 20 types of enemies. For each enemy you define its sprite and features.
  5. To define waves of the game, you must add your defined enemies for each wave, together with basic parameters.
  6. At last you define main options for the game, like money and lives.
  7. You can also choose background music for the game.

After creating your game you can try play it. If you are satisfied with your game, you can upload it to the server for other players. Or you can play existing games created by other players. The game has very simple game engine, with your defined graphics and features. You can buy towers, upgrade them many times or sell them. The game has average playability. Sound effects are very poor.

Create your Own Tower Defense is simple tower defense game. It has unique idea of creating your own game. In this case, I don't give points the game itself, because player itself is creator of the game. But I am giving 5.5 points from 10, for an excellent idea.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Random Defence 2 - Tower Defense Game

Random Defence 2 is next version of good Random Defence tower defense game from Armegalo.

Random Defence 2 is good game. It has a little bit chaotic game engine. But after playing this game longer time, it will be OK. Word random in name of this game means, use of random crazy objects for enemies and for objects on the map. You must defend yourself attacking ducklings for example. There are too much possibilities how to build your defense. Simply, there are four groups of buildings and weapons. You can find them in 4 colored menu on bottom right side of game engine. To build them, you also need enough resource of the same color. Green submenu contains contains gun weapons and facilities. Red submenu contains explosive weapons and facilities. Blue submenu contains electric facilities and rose submenu contains various facilities. Top submenu contains basic info about waves and bottom submenu contains disc submenu. To upgrade weapons and facilities to higher levels you need research centre of the same color. Also for buying better weapons you need research centers. What kind of research center and level of necessary upgrade you can find in the weapon description. To mine resources you need to build mine for exact resource. Before you place mines, you can gain info about resources in the circle around placed mine.

Playability of the game is very good. The game has so much levels. The game engine is so strange, it takes you some time to handle it. Be prepared on quantum strange enemies and levels. You will spend a lot of good time with this game.

Random Defence 2 game is strange and good tower defense game. Because of good playability I am giving this game 8 from 10 points.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Strategy Defense 5 - Strategy Game

Strategy Defense 5 is next part of Strategy Defense game series. Here you can find info about Strategy Defense 1,2,3 and here is info about Strategy Defense 4. BelugerinGames creates new version of their strategy online games. But you don't find important changes in this version.

Strategy Defense 5 is combination of tower defense and strategy game. Similarly like in previous version you must defend your bases from enemies attacks. Now you can play on more maps. Always after finishing previous level you can continue in next level. After starting level you can switch between your 3 bases with 1, 2, 3 keys. You can spend your money, to buy defense towers. You can also use special attack in each wave. Or in next step you can buy army to attack enemies bases. You have chance that you buy also white soldiers. They are more powerful and faster than normal soldiers. In the game your towers and weapons evolve during eras in history. It is the same idea, like in previous version. There is nothing new in this game. Graphics is worse than in previous version and there is no possibility to buy weapons from older eras, like it was before.

I gave previous version of this game good valuation, but this version of game is only poor infusion of previous version. I am giving Strategy Defense 5 game 7/10 points.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Stalingrad 3 - Tower Defense Game

In December 2007 I wrote about tower defense game Stalingrad. In January 2008 I wrote about Stalingrad 2 - The Fall of Berlin. Creator from have made new game Stalingrad 3 - Valley Defenders.

Stalingrad 3 - Valley Defenders is not only update, it is really new game. I like this approach. Creator risks success of previous version and wrote something new. Germans are going on Stalingrad and on their way they are mining Don region. You are here to defend valleys of Don. In game you can buy these weapons:
  • Wall is suitable for building ways for enemies.
  • Scrapyard increases resources from destroyed enemies.
  • Solar Battery gives you necessary electric power.
  • Gunner is suitable against light ground and air units.
  • Dual Gunner is suitable against medium ground and air units.
  • AP223 Cannon has big damage , but it is small. It is useful against strong ground units.
  • AT-1A Missile is very good weapon against enemies tanks.
  • G2 23 mm AA Gun is an excellent weapon against air units.
All weapons and structures can be build with Drag & Drop system. After clicking on existing items, you can upgrade their Attack Power or Damage Capacity. Damaged structures can be repaired. All structures can be also sold.

The game engine is well designed. Drag & drop system is a little annoying. The game has average graphics and average sounds.

There is difficult to find good strategy for this game. First of all you don't need to upgrade units.
  1. It is necessary make way for enemies from walls.
  2. Then you need to build 14 Gunners at end of this way. They must be always replaced after destroying.
  3. When you earn enough money build 3 missiles far from way.
  4. At end of way build AA Guns to protect you from airplanes.
  5. Then only continue to build defense like in the picture down.

Stalingrad 3 - Valley Defenders is very good tower defense game. I am giving this game 8.5 from 10 points.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Apple Defender - Tower Defense Game

Apple Defender is an average tower defense game from You must defend your apple trees from worms.

Apple Defender has no maps or ways. You have field with one apple tree and you must defend it. You can buy more trees. On the tree grows apple. When it turns to red, you can click on it and you will earn money. And on tree grows new green apple. Bad bad worms want to steal your apple. After losing apple, your tree will die. When they die all your trees, your game is over. To protect your trees, you can buy cannons. They can be upgraded in many ways and more times. With multiple updates you can build big variety of weapons. But worms attack also on your cannons. To repair them, you can buy repair towers. That all make from this game difficult challenge for all tower defense players.

The game engine is very simple. It has simple graphics and poor sound effects. But playability of this game is very good. You have big variety of possibilities how to play this game. Game starts and it looks very easy, but soon you recognize, that it is very difficult.

Apple Defender is an average tower defense game with new unique idea. I am giving this game 6.0 points from 10 for good playability.

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

LIG - Tower Defense Game

LIG Tower Defense is simple tower defense game from Little Indie Games. The game is still in progress.

LIG Tower Defense is standard tower defense game. You must protect your battlefield. You can do it with help of these weapons:
  • Titan 1 is basic weapon suitable against ground enemies.
  • Python 5 is weapon with very good range, suitable against ground enemies.
  • Laser Tower is strong weapon, with low range suitable against ground enemies.
  • Anticraft Machine Gun is only one weapon against air enemies.
  • Tomahawk Tower is very good weapon suitable against ground enemies.
  • Rocket Tower is the best weapon in the game suitable against ground enemies.
Weapons can be upgraded 4 times or sold.

The game is still in progress and has a lot of mistakes. The game engine needs a lot of work to be good. LIG has simple sounds and average graphics. It is very important to choose right positions for weapons. Game has variable difficulty, sometimes is so difficult, and sometimes is very easy. Especially air attacks are very difficult. There is big problem in higher levels to resist them. On other side, sometimes you will earn enormous money, and you can build and upgrade a lot of new weapons.

LIG Tower Defense is poor tower defense game in progress. I am giving this game 4.5 points from 10.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Coffee Party - Tower Defense Game

The Coffee Party is very specific simple tower defense game from

The Coffee Party is not standard tower defense game. In this game you don't have to kill enemies. In this game you must help your friend. He is preparing party, but his guests are so slow. You must help them to be fresh and fast, while they are going to party. That all with help of coffee. You have time limit to reach party with all guests. To give coffee to guests you can buy coffee trees, or coffee machine. When you give this equipment near of track it serves coffee to guests. All equipment can be upgraded in many ways. From time to time you must also clear screen from unordered things. You lost game, when some of your guests didn't reach party in time limit.

The game engine is very simple in style of tower defense games. The game has simple graphics and annoying music. Also small minigames for cleaning screen, are very bad idea.

The Coffee Party is very poor tower defense game. I am giving this game 4.5 points from 10.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Reno 911 Extreme Mode - Tower Defense Game

Reno 911! Excessive Force Extreme Mode is remake of Reno 911 tower defense game. Comedy Central made this game as promotion for comedy TV series Reno 911.

Reno 911! Excessive Force Extreme Mode has new maps. You can choose from 2 maps. But you can't choose difficulty for game. There is only one, Extreme mode. Main target of game is defend selected place from prisoners breaking from the jails. To protect this place you can buy these policemen:
  • Jones is standard policeman with gun.
  • Garcia slows prisoners using spray.
  • Kimball is policeman with flame thrower.
  • Junior uses electricity to stop prisoners for short time.
  • Johnson is policeman with paintball gun.
  • Williams slows and damages prisoners with spikes.
  • Wiegel throws poisoned grenades.
  • Dangle throws big rockets with area damage.
There is a difference from previous version in possibility to use all forces from start of game. You don't need to have experience, you need only money. All forces can be upgraded more times and also sold.

Game engine has still its standard system of upgrades from previous version. You need some time to use it properly. The game has an average graphics and sound effects. Playability of the game is very good. There is no free time for resting during game. Every penny in this game must be well invested. In higher levels you must use Dangle with rockets, otherwise you lost the game. Buy many rockets and upgrade them, and you will probably win the game. I can recommend this game for all tower defense maniacs.

Reno 911! Excessive Force Extreme Mode is improved remake of old good game with interesting background. I am giving this game 7 points from 10.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Planet Defender - Tower Defense Game

Planet Defender is tower defense game with space theme from Kevin Lin.

Planet Defender is nice tower defense game. Your primary objective is to defend your planet from invaders. You have free slots on your planet, where you can buy defense structures. Some of them, are disabled. You must research necessary technologies to enable them. You can buy these structures in the game:
  • Fortified Bunker improves defense of structures around it.
  • Ion Cannon is basic and very good weapon in the game.
  • Economic Center is necessary structure to improve earnings.
  • Repair Base improve repairing abilities of structures around it.
  • Missile Complex is advanced weapon with improved damage.
  • Missile Defense improves defense to missiles.
You can research these technologies:
  • Advanced Economics is necessary for Economic Center structure.
  • Robotics is necessary for Repair Base structure.
  • Nuclear Fusion is necessary for Missile Complex structure.
  • Advanced Energy is necessary for Missile Defense structure.
  • Planet Shield creates defense shield around the planet.
Structures can be upgraded nore times. Or they can be also sold.

The game engine is very well designed. Game has good graphics and average sound effects. Playability of the game is very good. You can choose from 4 difficulties. There is basic strategy for easy levels. You must build some Ion Cannons and upgrade them as soon as possible. You also need to research Advanced Economics and build some Economic Centers. Later you only need to upgrade your Ion Cannons and buy and upgrade Economic Centers. Then you need to research other technologies, to build Missile Complexes. After buying them and upgrade them, you will with high probability win the game.

Planet Defender is very good tower defense game. I can only recommend this game. I am giving this game 7.5 points from 10.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Lord of War - Tower Defense Game

Lord of War is tower defense game mixed with World of Warcraft theme from catad83.

Lord of War is good tower defense game. It has a good atmosphere. You can buy these towers in the game:
  • Santinel Tower is a basic tower in the game for the first levels.
  • Cannon Tower has better damage and it is suitable for basic levels.
  • Fire Tower is tower suitable for medium levels.
  • Crystal Outpost throws crystals on enemies. It has a good damage suitable for medium levels.
  • Elf Tower shots poison arrows on enemies. It has a good damage and it is strong enough for last levels.
  • Wizard Lair is the best tower in the game with an excellent damage.
For all towers you can upgrade 3 basic features: Damage, Range and Speed. In higher levels enemies attack on your towers. Damaged towers can be repaired by buying more HP. Towers can also be sold.

The game has a standard game engine. The game has also good graphics and nice system of upgrades. To play successfully this game, it is necessary to buy suitable towers for levels. That means, there is no possibility to win this game only Cannon towers for example. It is good to replace old towers, with better ones. In the game are levels with attacking enemies. Be careful, and repair your towers, before they are destroyed. In each 10th wave there is a boss attack.

Lord of War is average tower defense game. You will spend funny time with this game. I am giving this game 7.5 points from 10.

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Fast Castle Defense - Tower Defense Game

Fast Castle Defense is very simple tower defense game from

Fast Castle Defense is standard tower defense game. You can buy these towers in the game:
  • Standard Tower is average tower.
  • Fast Tower has an excellent range and it is fast.
  • Strong Tower is slow tower with good damage and low range.
There is no possibility to upgrade towers, you can only sell them. Towers your van buy, pressing Buy button.

The game engine is very simple and not very standard. System of buying and selling towers is annoying. On other side, game stops during buying towers, what is sometimes necessary feature for this game. Game is very fast, you must buy new towers during waves to finish them. The game is not easy, especially in starting levels. After buying enough towers, there is no problem to finish this game.

Fast Castle Defense is very simple tower defense game. I am giving this game 4.5 points from 10.

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Omega Tower Defense 2 Game

Omega Tower Defense 2 is upgrade of very difficult Omega Tower Defense game from from FlashGameALot.

Omega Tower Defense 2 is improved version of previous game. New feature is possibility to choose difficulty. You can choose from Easy, Medium, Hard and Insane mode. The game has also special Sandbox mode to help you improve your abilities. It is very important new feature, because with more difficulties has game more possible players. The game has also 4 maps. One of them is map from previous version.

The game has the same weapons, as they were in previous version. Price of them is related from selected difficulty. You can also update 3 main features of weapons: Damage, Range and Reload Time as before. The game engine has standard controls. There are no visible changes from previous version.

Omega Tower Defense 2 is improved version of very difficult tower defense game. Main improvements are more maps and difficulties. I am giving this game 6.5 points from 10.

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Friday, October 3, 2008

Omega Tower Defense Game

Omega Tower Defense is one from the hardest tower defense games I have ever played. Simple game from FlashGameALot is not for everyone.

Omega Tower Defense is standard tower defense game. But it is game only for advanced tower defense game players. In this game you don't have enough time to think, in this game you must be very fast to survive. The game is very fast. Only with help of forums I was able to play first 13 waves.

In the game you can buy these weapons:
  • Light Artillery is basic weapon with small damage and range but good speed.
  • Laser Turret is shooting laser beams. It has good damage and range, but it is slow.
  • Heavy Artillery is improved version of Light Artillery with better damage and range. It has splash damage.
  • Slow Field Generator can slows enemies without damage.
  • Money Tower is soecial tower and increases money from killed enemies in its range.
  • Shock Tower is good weapon with area damage.
  • Bomb is last aid in critical situation. Explodes only once with high damage.
  • Razor Tower is the best weapon in the game. It shoots flying blades that seeks enemies.
You can upgrade 3 basic features for towers: Damage, Range and Reload time. You can also sell towers, and it is necessary to do it more times in this game.

The game engine has standard controls. Graphics of the game is good, sound effects are worse. But difficulty of this game is unbelievable hard. There is no possibility to win this game for most players. Only with walkthrough you are able to reach higher levels. I found this walkthrough from James Revan on forum.
  1. Buy 3 light artillery at the begining and place them in the corners. DON'T UPGRADE.
  2. Buy 2 more as soon as possible. DON'T UPGRADE.
  3. At the first bloob wave sell them and buy a heavy artillery tower (HAT).
  4. First thing to upgrade is reload speed, then damage then range. Max it out.
  5. When you have one HAT tower maxed out buy second one.
  6. If you've placed the 2 HAT at the corners they're all you will need for few waves.
  7. Wait till you have 1000 cash and buy the thing that looks like a sitting frog with seeking blades, place it so it at the entrance of creeps or a corner (it shoots straight down then the blades seek out targets).
  8. Max out reload speed (max is 5 so it reloads almost instantly, then damage (500 cash each level but it's worth it) don't forget about range.
  9. When you have enough money buy another frog and max it out same way as the first one.
  10. Sell the two HATs cause they shoot to slow and with too low dmg to be useful and buy the third frog.
Thank you James. Only with your help I believe, that it is possible to finish this game.

Omega Tower Defense is simple tower defense game for hardcore players, but not for me. I am giving this game 6.0 points from 10.

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bitmap Turret Defense - Tower Defense Game

Bitmap Turret Defense is tower defense game from Ant Forshaw. It is an average game.

Bitmap Turret Defense is standard tower defense game. You can buy these towers in the game:
  • Default Turret is basic weapon.
  • Earth Turret is good weapon against ground enemies with low speed.
  • Air Turret is fast weapon against air enemies.
  • Water Turret is universal weapon that can slows enemies.
  • Laser Turret is universal and very powerful weapon.
  • Plasma Turret is very good weapon against ground enemies with splash damage.
  • Arc Turret is universal weapon with chain effect.
  • Gatling Turret is the best universal weapon with very good rate.
Every tower you can upgrade more times. You can also sell them. After some levels you can increase your interests or research new weapons.

The game engine has standard controls. It needs some improvements, to be good. In the case, you have selected turret, game start to be very slow. When you push button for fast game, there is no possibility to slow game back. Graphics is average and game has basic sound effects. Trash bin for canceling build mode is really bad idea. I many times build turret near of it, instead of canceling build mode. Playability of the game is also average. The game is very difficult.

Bitmap Turret Defense is average tower defense game many mistakes. I am giving this game 4.5 points from 10.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Garden Inventor - Tower Defense Game

Garden Inventor is an excellent tower defense game from Dede Games. It is very playable and very well designed.

In Garden Inventor you must stop pests with help of defense gadgets. You can buy these defense gadgets:
  • Spitting Rose is basic weapon. It is suitable against all pets. It has very good range and low damage.
  • Nopal has very good speed and it is very good weapon against all pets, especially after upgrades.
  • Fountain can slow ground pets by sprinkling water.
  • Laser Gnome shoots laser bean on ground pets.
  • Net Gnome throws poisoned nets on air pests.
  • Rocket Gnome is slow, but very strong weapon suitable against all pests. It fires rockets and has splash damage.
All gadgets can be upgraded 5 times, or they can be sold. Nice feature of game is group selection for gadgets.

The game engine is very well designed with clear controls. The game is fast and sound effects and background music in the game are good. Creator gives this game a lot of effort. The game starts by selecting scenario. You can choose from 20 scenarios from 5 different locations. Each scenario has new map and you start with basic money. Money you can earn from killing pests or from pushing Next Wave button before timer for next wave resets. It is good to be fast in first waves, because you can earn very necessary extra money.

Garden Inventor has an excellent playability. I can promise you, that you won't be bored in this game. It is suitable for all players, and you will spend a lot of fun time with this game.

Garden Inventor is very good tower defense game with unique idea and excellent design. I am giving this game 9.0 points from 10.

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