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Monday, June 30, 2008

Chute Defence - Tower Defense Game

Chute Defence is an excellent tower defense game. Main target of this game is to protect your space base from invaders. Creator of this game Mr.Maestro creates nice game for

Chute Defence is tower defense game with new idea. You are defender of space Space station Xorbe on Earth's orbit. And you are invaded by aliens. You must defend your station, otherwise aliens attack Earth itself. To do this you have an excellent variety of weapons. At first you must protect your station from air. Enemies are approaching from air, and when they reach station they will establish base fields for their towers. On base fields they can build their ground towers. When they capture too much from your space station, you will lost game. You can build these towers:
  • Assault Towers are suitable for air attacks and have low range.
  • Mazer Towers are suitable for air attacks and have higher range and damage.
  • Basic Ground Towers are suitable for ground attacks and have low range and damage.
  • Long Range Ground Tower is very good for destroying enemies towers and has very good range.
  • Mazer Wazer can surround enemies towers.
  • Ground Nuke is tower with excellent damage, but it must to be power up, before it can be used.
  • Time Shifter can slow enemies.
  • De-shielder removes shields from enemies.
  • Ned Med repairs own towers in range.
  • Meaner Cleaner cleans base fields for enemies towers.
As you can see above, you have high variety of weapons. All towers can be upgraded more times and they can also be sold. You can build only limited count of towers on space station. It is important wisely choose, which towers do you build. The best option is to kill enemies, before they reach your space station.
You can play this game in 3 difficulties and you can choose from 6 maps. Game has very good playability. Sometimes you must be very fast, to defend your space station. Game has nice graphics and very good background music. Game engine is designed in 3D view with clear controls. I can only recommend this game for all tower defense game players.

Chute Defence is very excellent tower defense game with excellent idea. I am giving this game 8.5 from 10 points.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Besieged - Tower Defense Game

Besieged is very nice tower defense game. This game consists from levels where you have various missions. Creator of this game Jared Johnson creates very addictive game.

In this game you must fulfill mission for each level. It is standard tower defense game. You can build towers and structures. To protect your castle you can build these towers:
  • Arrow Tower is the cheapest tower with low damage.
  • Sap Silo slows enemies
  • Ballista Tower improves damage of all towers in range.
  • Cannon Tower is best tower with good damage and range, but very slow
To buy them you need money. You can build also structures:
  • Farm increases XP of castle and repairs slowly damaged castle
  • Mine is important source for resources
  • Training Centerincreases XP for towers.
  • Landmark is main target for higher levels.
To buy them, you need enough resources. All towers and structures don't have updates. Together with castle they are automatically updated during time. Game has nice simple graphics. Game engine is not bad, but you must be very careful. All towers and structures are sold after clicking on them. This is not very good designed, because sold my towers many times, when I only want to know some info about towers. Game has nice music in background. Playability of game is very good. All finished levels are saved, and you can select from finished level in main menu.

Besieged is very good mission tower defense game. It has good playability. I am giving this game 7.5 from 10 points.

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Corovan - Tower Defense game

Corovan is specific tower defense game. In this game you can build towers only before level starts, and then you can buy only bonuses. Creators of this game Crio and Sohei create good and simple tower defense game.

Forget on all tower defense standards. Try something new. You must defend yourself in 3 different worlds. You can do it with help of towers. You have only 1 type of tower, and you can build it, only before level starts. It is very fast game. After starting level you can only buy bonuses. That last only for some time, and later you must buy them each time, they finished. You can buy for selected tower Berserk mode. In this mode selected tower shots 4 times faster. You can also buy Snipper mode. In this mode you can aim with your mouse on selected enemies. You can also attack on specific enemy, locking them after clicking on it. Next updates are better weapons, for towers. But you must save enough money, to continue in next level. This game has only 3 maps, and after finishing them, they repeat with higher difficulty. Game has nice graphics and good game engine.

Corovan is very simple and specific tower defense game. It is fast game for free time for shorter breaks in work and etc. I am giving this game 5.5 from 10 points.

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Grid Defence - Tower Defense Game

Grid Defence game is very unusual tower defense game. Creator of this game Craig Hart creates game where is important to build towers at the right positions on grid.

Game Grid Defence has primary target: Kill enemies before they capture a row on a grid. You can do it with help of towers. You can build these towers:
  • Push Tower doesn't fire on enemies. But it is cheap and it is very usable to push enemies into prepared way.
  • Rapid Tower has fast rate and low damage.
  • Chain Tower is good tower with splash damage.
  • Slower Tower slows enemies.
Towers has possibility to upgrade standard and specific features of them. It helps to make good balanced defense. You must fight with various types of enemies. You can earn money from killing enemies and also from interests after each 25 enemies. Graphics of this game is a little bit strange and simple. Sound effects are very poor. Also game engine is not very standard. But after short playing there is not problem to use it. This game looks a little bit strange. After longer playing, you will like it. You need to find a good strategy for this game.

Grid Defence is interesting a board like tactical game. I can recommend this game for all tower defense game players. I am giving this game 5.5 from 10 points.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

GemCraft - Tower Defense Game

Basic idea of GemCraft game is taken from Gem Tower Defense. Creator of this game creates excellent tower defense game and improved idea of gem combination in this game.

GemCraft has much more levels than Gem Tower Defense game. After finishing one map you can choose next map. Each map has its own gem set. You can combine them together and create stronger gems. Gems you can put on defense towers. or you can use it as bombs to enemies. In game you can :
  • Build Defense Tower together with gems they attack enemies.
  • Use Gem Bomb you can attack enemies straight with gems.
  • Mana Pool increases mana on 120% of previous mana state.
  • Build Water Trench to slow enemies.
  • Create Gem, you can choose type of gem to create.
  • Combine Gems, create stronger gems with combining existing ones.
To use these possibilities you must have enough mana. Mana you gain from killing enemies. Basic idea of game is one type of defense tower, and you can upgrade this tower with gems. You can create new gems with combination of existing ones. When you put this gem on tower, you can attack enemies with this tower. After finishing map you earn skill points, and they can be used for buying some new or improve existing skills. The game has a very nice graphics and good sound effects. A game engine for game is good, but you must learn how to use it effectively. When you learn it, you will like it.

GemCraft is complex tower defense with taken basic idea from older tower defense game, but very good designed, and with very good playability. I am giving this game 7.5 from 10 points.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bacteria TD - Tower Defense Game

Bacteria TD is very complex tower defense game from with medical background. Your target in this game is protect your patient from bacterias.

For playing Bacteria TD you need to learn basics about antibiotics and bacteria types.To kill bacterias you can use White Blood Cell towers or antibiotics like: Cephalexin, Ceftriaxzone, Amoxicillin+Clavunalate, Gentamicin, Trimethoprim+SMX, Doxycycline, Azithromycin, Moxifloxacin, Ertapenem, Metronidazole, Vancomydin. You have much more possibilities, because you can also customize your slots with antibiotics and choose another one. You can also save and load your slots. To do this you must be a medical expert, of course. This is not option for standard players. It is reason, why I don't describe all available antibiotics here.

Bacterias are going from left side of map and they are going to exit to the right side. There is your patient body. There are 3 main types of bacterias in game. To defend from standard, ground like, bacterias you can build maze, to increase length of their way. Another type bacterias flying over your towers, and the last one are boss bacterias with extra life. Some bacterias are resistant for specific antibiotics. Advanced players know, how to assign the right antibiotics for specific bacterias. Antibiotics can be upgraded more times. You get money from killing bacterias and from interests.

When you feel, that you are not able to defend patient body, you can press WBC Stim button. This option increases 10 times damage of your White Blood Cell towers for 5 seconds. After selecting Fog of War option in regular mode, it is necessary to build also sensor towers to make visible some bacterias. When you enable option Situations, your patient can have from time to time antibiotics allergies. In this case are functional only White Blood Cell towers. With Creep Damage option bacterias attack your towers. Damaged towers can be repaired by clicking on Repair button. You can also repair all towers at once, when you press Repair All Towers button.

Game has standard game engine, and poor sound effects. It is very complex game and sometimes you can have problem with orientation in game. Later, when you learn basics, it is without problems

Bacteria TD is very specific tower defense game. Game is well playable, and I can only recommend you to play it. You will learn basics about antibiotics and bacterias. Game has very good page with complex info about this game. My valuation for this game is 7.5 from 10 points.

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