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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hybra TD - Tower Defense Game

Hybra TD is simple tower defense game from shadowfiks. Hybra TD is standard tower defense game, without special features and good playability.

Game has standard game engine and features. You can buy next towers, to protect your village:
  • Arcane Tower is suitable for ground and air units, with average damage.
  • Water Tower is suitable for only for ground units, with better damage, but low range.
  • Spike Tower is suitable for air units, with good damage and rate.
  • Ice Tower is suitable only for ground units, and it can slow them.
  • Fire Tower is suitable for ground and air units, with good damage.
  • Poison Tower is suitable for ground and air units, with poison damage.
To buy better towers you must build Upgrade House. From it it is possible to research better towers. Game has 2 difficulties. Easy difficulty is very easy. I recommend to play hard level especially for advanced players. Game is very simple, but game engine is designed well and game has a good playability in hard mode.

Hybra TD is simple standard tower defense game. Nothing more, nothing less. I don't find any new features in this game. On other side, you can spend funny time, while playing this game. I am giving this game 5.0 from 10 points.

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Jungle Hunting - Tower Defense Game

Jungle Hunting is tower defense game from Free Games Jungle. Very nice designed game, with strategy features.

Main objective of game is protect your village from wild animals. To do that, you can buy warriors or towers, to kill them, before they reach village. You can build or buy next towers and warriors:
  • Axe Warrior light warrior who attacks only ground animals with axe.
  • Tube Warrior light warrior who attacks ground and air animals with tube.
  • Poison Tube Warrior slowly damage ground and air animals with poison.
  • Icy Indian slows ground and air animals.
  • Spear Warrior average warrior who attacks only air animals.
  • Shaman Miner average warrior who attacks only ground animals.
  • Splash Tower attacks only ground animals with splash damage.
  • Strong Air Tower attacks only air animals with average damage.
  • Multi Tower attacks only air and ground animals with poison, freeze and splash damage.
All towers and warriors can be upgraded and sold.
To this point it is standard tower defense game. But you can also buy some strategy buildings and researchers:
  • Wise Indian is protector, who can find places where it is good to mine resources.
  • Granary gives you more food for your warriors.
  • Oil Tower produces oil, that is changed to extra money.
Strategy for this game is to find places where it is possible to mine some resources. On places without resources you can build towers or place warriors. It is necessary to upgrade them, as soon as possible. Later you can also clear places from stones and plants. Better towers and warriors you can buy only after researching them. Jungle Hunting has very good graphics, and sound effects. Game engine is also designed very well. You can move your map with arrow keys to right or left. Playability of this game is very good. Game has average difficulty, and you won't be bored during this game. Creator of this game made nice work.

Jungle Hunting is very good tower defense game. I love system of mining resources in this game. I can only recommend this game to everybody. I am giving this game 7.5 from 10 points.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Super Energy Apocalypse - Tower Defense Game

Super Energy Apocalypse is tower defense game from Lars A.Doucet. It is next game, where is combined strategy game with tower defense game.

This game ha so much possibilities. First part of all levels is create necessary structures and them defend them from zombie enemies during the night. Game has a simple tutorial. Without it, it is almost impossible to play this game. First strategy part is similar to SimCity games. You must build infrastructure to defend yourself. You must continue in steps. When night is going, you must build defense structures to protect your area. You can build them, upgrade them and also sell them. Damaged structures can be repaired. With help of structures you can build next structures. It is not easy to write here list of all possible structures and actions in game. And I will not do it. You must try this game.

Super Energy Apocalypse is very complex tower defense game. Somebody can love it, but I prefer simple games. On the other side it was good spent time during playing this tower defense game. I can recommend it to all AT players. I am giving this game 6.5 from 10 points.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Project Midnight - Tower Defense Game

Project Midnight is tower defense game from FTWGames. Excellent game with excellent graphics and sounds with zombie background.

Your target in this game is simple. You must protect tower in centre of field from attacking zombies. To do it, you can hire 3 types soldiers who can help you. As said author in discussion:

I really really appreciate the comparison to Endless Zombie Madness. One of my favorite games as well and I intensely want this game to be seen as the tower defense version of endless zombie rampage.

I love this game. It is simple, you don't have a big variety of possibilities in this game. But what is more important, it is very well designed. Playability of this game is very good. You can buy these soldiers:
  • Gun Man is the cheapest soldier with average damage, range and rate of fire
  • Submachine Gun Man is soldier with good damage, average range and very good rate of fire
  • Sniper Man is the soldier with very good damage, excellent range but slow rate of fire
Good feature in this game is variable price of soldiers. In higher levels are soldiers more expensive and you need more money to buy them. Every soldier can be upgraded 5 times. I prefer to place snipers in the centre and other soldiers around them. Project Midnight game has very clear controls. I have only 1 bad point for this game. In higher levels, it is a little bit boring, because you can build very strong defense. Together with excellent graphics and sound effects, I can only recommend this game.

Project Midnight is very well deigned tower defense game. Game is very playable and addictive. I am giving this game 8 from 10 points.

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Flash Empires 2 - Strategy Game

Flash Empires 2 is next version of strategy game Flash Empires. Creator Eric Smith improved previous version and add some new features.

From beginning I thought that that this game is much more worse than previous version. Why? Because I can't find troops and upgrade menu in game. And without them this game changes to simple tower defense game. But fortunately, after seeing small tutorial in game, I found out, where to find these menus. Basic idea of game is the same, like in previous version. Only background for this game is changed. You must defend Santa's workshop by using your army of elves to stop Santa's evil brother's minions! At start you can choose from 3 difficulties. You can also like in previous version buy troops, or build defense towers. All units including castle can be upgraded and improved. Everything what you can buy you will find in menus on left side. You can switch between them with help of button on bottom.
You can buy now from these troops:
  • Rudolph is elf with spear on Rudolph
  • Toy Elf is the cheapest one and very weak elf.
  • Bow Elf is elf with bow.
  • Guard Elf has minimum training for combat situations.
  • Ginger Bread Man is very strong home made treat.
  • Santa is the best defender in game.
You can buy these towers from towers menu:
  • Candy Cane Tower shoots candy canes at enemies.
  • Ginger Bread Tower shoots ginger bread men at enemies.
  • Present Bomb Tower shoots presents with bombs inside.
  • Tree Tower strong tower shoots ornaments at enemies.
  • Ice Canes Tower slows enemies with frozen candy canes.
  • Uber Tower is the strongest tower with excellent fire rate and damage.
You can also buy next upgrades from Misc. menu:
  • Ice Canes slows enemies with frozen canes from North Pole workshop.
  • Bomb Box shoots enemies box with bombs at enemies from North Pole workshop.
  • Poisen kill slowly enemies with poison on field.
  • Pole Damage increases damage of North Pole workshop.
  • Castle Health increases health of North Pole workshop.
  • Tower Range increases range of existing towers.
New feature is possibility of upgrade for selected tower. You can upgrade it's damage and rate. For upgrading range you must buy upgrade from Misc. menu. this game joins tower defense features with strategy games, and it is possible to play this game in tower defense style. Strategy for this game is similar like for previous version. For me was this game more difficult than previous version, but still very funny.

Flash Empires 2 is simple strategy and tower defense game. It has more features than previous version. It needs to make clear game controls, but it is still very playable game. I am giving this game 5.5 from 10 points.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Flash Empires - Strategy Game

Flash Empires is strategy game in style Defend Your Castle with tower defense features. Creator Eric Smith creates simple but good game.

This game is combination of strategy game with tower defense games. You have to protect your castle from invaders. To do this, you can buy troops, or build defense towers. All units including castle can be upgraded and improved. At start you can choose from 3 difficulties. You can buy these troops, from troops menu after clicking on right building:
  • Calvery is soldier on horse with spear
  • Soldier is simple soldier armed with dagger
  • Spear man is soldier armed with heavy spear
  • Uber-man is 2D figure that slaughter everyone on his way.
  • Chuck Lee Tower is man and tower combination. It is soldier with the highest damage in game. You can buy him in towers menu.
You can buy these towers from towers menu, after clicking on castle:
  • Red Tower is the cheapest tower in game.
  • Green Tower is average tower with fire shots.
  • Black Tower has very good damage and can shoot uber-man.
Game has specific system of upgrades. Upgrades are done for all towers or units at once. You can do it from menu, available after clicking on left building. You can buy upgrades for troops, castle or for towers. With help of upgrades you can improve damage, range and rate of of your units. It is possible to play this game in tower defense style. You can buy only towers and upgrade them. It is good strategy to place towers around invader's way. In this case invaders are not attacking your towers. They are going straight on your castle while towers are attacking them. You can also shoot enemies from castle by left mouse button clicking. Game has problem with speed and after upgrading rate on higher levels.

Flash Empires is simple strategy and tower defense game. Nothing special, but game is well playable. I am giving this game 5.5 from 10 points.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Zombie TD 2 - Tower Defense Game

Zombie TD 2 is standard tower defense game from, improved version of Zombie TD. There are some new features in the game.

Here I want to describe these new features of game. There is new tower in game. Multishot turret make splash damage, because it blobs more bullets. This tower has low damage and I don't think, that is very usable. Laser Turret is not as much expensive, as it was in previous version. There are also new enemies. In some levels you must kill boss zombie. You can choose now from 3 difficulties in the game. Easy level is very easy, and I recommend to start with more difficult level in game for everybody, who finished first version of this game. In game are new sounds and game engine is also little bit changed.

Zombie TD 2 improved version of Zombie TD. Everybody, who liked previous version of this game can now try all new features. I don't see some important changes in this game and I am giving this game same assessment I give to previous version, 6 from 10 points.

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Zombie TD - Tower Defense Game

Zombie TD is standard tower defense game from Simple game, with simple graphics and good playability.

There is nothing special in this game. Game has standard features of tower defense games. You can build towers, to kill enemies before they reach end of map, sell them and upgrade them. Nothing more, nothing less, but all this make from this game good place for spending free time. You can buy these towers in game:
  • Pistol Turret is basic tower with low damage, and average speed and range. After last upgrade it is best tower in game.
  • Bomb Turret is tower with good damage, and average range. It is very slow on the other side.
  • Laser Turret is good tower with average damage and excellent speed and range. It is the most expensive tower in game.
Every tower can be upgraded 4 times. Last upgrades make from them very strong weapons. Especially pistol turret is after last upgrade very strong tower. When you reach this upgrade, you will win game with high probability and game lost its meaning. Fortunately, you will be able to upgrade them on best level only in last levels. Before, you must be very careful and spend your money rationally. My good advice is: Buy towers after start of levels, because your money are increased with interest at end of levels.
Game has simple graphics and simple sounds. Game engine has standard controls. I didn't find any errors in this game. Sometimes it is more important to make simple playable game, than monster with excellent graphics and sound effects but with poor playability. This game is evidence of this argument.

Zombie TD is very simple standard tower defense game. Game is very playable and addictive. I am giving this game 6 from 10 points.

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StarCraft FA 5 SE2008 - Strategy Game

StarCraft FA 5 SE2008 is not really tower defense game, but has some features of this type of game. It's creator DZ2001 from Russia. made much more very good online games. Quality of this game value especially standard Starcraft game fans.

Title of game shows that it is clone of standalone strategy game Starcraft. I don't play Starcraft for long time and I have never finished described game. That means, I am not the right reviewer for this game. But this game has tower defense features and I will try to write here a little bit about this game. Tower defense feature of this game is possibility to build 4 defense buildings. You can build a lot of types of buildings, everything depends on your upgrades, money and actual level in game. To win each level you have to kill all enemies before they destroy your base. To destroy them, you can use abilities or build defense buildings. In every level you have usually new type of enemies or some special task. When you kill enemies you will earn money. Earned money you can spend to build new buildings or buy some new upgrades. To buy new upgrades you also need skill points. To use spells you need enough energy. You must be careful and save enough energy, to use it in right time. Game is very complicated and there doesn't exist some simple strategy for this game. A lot of advices you can find in review for this game, on pages of game. Graphics of game is good, and game has excellent sounds. Graphics and sounds are derived from standalone Starcraft game. Game engine has sometimes problems with speed, but game as whole is excellent. Music gives the game very good atmosphere. You are have big advantage, if you know standard Starcraft game. I can only recommend this game for all advanced strategy players.

StarCraft FA 5 SE2008 game is very good game with many possibilities. Unfortunately for me, I am not very good in this game and I prefer standard tower defense games. That is because, I didn't value this game. I feel that may valuation will not be objective.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Star Defense Squad - Tower Defense Game

Star Defense Squad is tower defense game from Jason Huynh. It's story is based on classic game Asteroids.

In Asteroids is main target to protect your ship from asteroids going from all sides. Star Defense Squad add to this game tower defense features. Main target of game is protect the galaxy from the quasi-mean Commander. Build and upgrade probes to protect your main ship while asteroids and objects fly your way. Use special abilities from the main ship, bounce asteroids off probes or distract them with a decoy. 32 levels of asteroid destruction. It is good idea, and I like it. To build your probes you need material. Material you can gain from destructed asteroids and also after each wave some new will be added. You are also limited with number of controls. You have only 75 controls, and it is not possible to increase it. All probes need specific count of controls and when you will use all free controls, there is no possibility to build new probes. You can build these probes to defend your ship in game:
  • Bounce Probe repels asteroids. Useful keep asteroids stalled.
  • Area Damage Probe fires rockets, that explode and damage all objects within the area.
  • Mass Damage Probe explodes the area surrounding the probe. It has very slow reload time but massive damage.
  • High Damage Probe fires particles that rip through targets. Great damage with little waste.
  • Freezing Probe slows down enemies by freezing.
  • Regenerator Probe regenerates hit points for all probes in range.
  • Gravity Probe will create a gravity link with any object within range. Object will become attracted with this probe.
  • The Wall Probe blocks objects from reaching their target.
Each Probe has 4 types of upgrades. You can select the type of upgrade you want, along the right side of the menu. Use your ships skills to help your probes out. You can also upgrade your ship, similar like probes. Main ship can also fire laser beam, re-energize all probes, fire protective shield and fire statis shield around ship. I like on this game a lot of non-standard weapons and new ideas. What I don't like, is very complicated system of upgrades. Also graphics of game is weak. But it doesn't mean. I spend a lot of time with this game and it was fun. It is new game, and I think there will be some upgrades for game in the future.

Star Defense Squad game tower defense game with many new ideas. Game is difficult, but very addictive. I am giving this game 6.5 from 10 points.

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Castle Defense - Tower Defense Game

Castle Defense is very specific tower defense game from Ronald Martin Jacobson. This game prefers originality before excellent graphics.

Castle Defense is Ugly Duckling among tower defense games. At first I thought this only joke. It looks more like game on 8-bit computers. After some playing this game, I recognized that this game is playable. You must only forget on excellent graphics and all standards from tower defense game engines. Return back to history of computer games, and try this game. Main target of game is protect your castle. In this game it is the rotating center of map. To do this, you can build defense towers, defense buildings and buy updates. Important thing in game, is earning money from your gold huts. You have money only from huts and it main strategy feature of this tower defense game. You must find right balance between earning money, and defense building up. You can buy these towers:
  • Arrow Tower is the cheapest tower in the game. It is basic defense tower. It can be upgraded to replace arrows with more powerful axes.
  • Cannon Tower is a good tower with average damage, but also very slow speed. After update it make splash damage.
  • Ballista Tower is slow tower with the best range in game and average damage. After upgrade it can throw razor rings and it will be faster.
  • Oil Tower is very good tower that damages all enemies. After upgrade it improves its range.
  • Holy Tower is the strongest and the most expensive tower in game. It has an excellent damage and damage will be also increased after upgrade.
All tower can be upgraded only once with special updates. All updates are under each tower in construction area of game.
Next important point of Castle Defense game is to build up support buildings. You can build these support buildings:
  • Wall, defense wall to protect your castle.
  • Hut earns 5 gold per level. Very important, because it is only one way how to earn money.
  • Sawmill can repairs damaged buildings and towers.
  • Iron Mine add 50 HP to all buildings.
  • Ammo Silo speeds up all towers.
You can also make some general upgrades in game:
  • Score Builder purchases +800 score points.
  • Income Builder increases income from all huts by +1 gold.
  • Automatic Wall builds 4 wall around the edge of your castle every turn.
  • Enemy Retarder slows all enemies by +5%.
  • Enemy Reducer reduces enemy number by 5% each level.
  • Range Increase increases the range of all towers by +1.
  • Damage Increase increases the damage of all non-arrow towers by +0.5.
  • HP Increase increases HP of all towers by +40.
  • Automatic Ballista builds 1 ballista tower around the edge of your castle each turn.
  • Score Multiplier raises score multiplier by +100%
Game has no standard controls. You can sell existing towers by pressing S key and choosing building or tower. You can continue to next level by pressing rotating center or by pressing Space key. Space is also used for pause and resume in game.
Castle Defense is difficult game and I had big problem to find good strategy for this game. It is possible to fill whole map with towers, I saw some screenshots, but my results in this game were worse. There is always big question before each level, if you will invest in huts or other building and defense towers. Good strategy is find right balance between them. As I wrote above, game has poor graphics, and also very poor sound effects. Also game engine is horrible. But all these bad features of game are compensated with a good playability.

Castle Defense game is not standard tower defense game. It is more like Defend Your Castle or strategy game. I think, it needs a lot of work, to make from this game excellent game, but I must say it is good game. I am giving this game 6 from 10 points.

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