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Friday, February 22, 2008

Elite Forces - Tower Defense Game

Elite Forces is tower defense game with excellent graphics and with many possibilities. Starygin V.A. author of this game is an excellent graphic and programmer.

I didn't find some info about author of this game. From name and possibility to choose Russian language, he is from Russia. But it doesn't mean. Game is attempt to combine some hero game with tower defense game. I don't like this combination, and I used my hero much more like movable defense tower. Elite Forces game has more modes. In first mode you must defend yourself in fortress and way to this fortress. Second mode is defense from prisoners breaking from jail. For each mode you have more difficulties and also SandBox mode. You must defend from ground and also from air enemies. Type of next waves you can see on bottom where is slider with future waves. For defense you can use many type of towers. They you can build with drag and drop system. Game has an excellent system for upgrades. When you upgrade tower on higher levels you can choose from various kinds of upgrades. That mean, that later, you can built more towers types from basic towers:
  • Ice towers have low damage, but they can slow enemies. They are very strong and necessary on higher levels.
  • Hero towers can improve damage of hero weapons.
  • Light towers will guide your weapons, by doing it faster.
  • Energy towers improve damage for all towers and hero weapons. They are suitable only for ground enemies.
  • Fire towers improve radius of explosions. They have splash damage and are suitable only for ground enemies.
  • Poison towers continuously damage enemies with poison.
  • Life towers are very cheap. They are suitable only for ground enemies.
  • Earth towers has very good damage. Some of them are suitable only for ground enemies.
  • Wind towers are good against air enemies. Some of them are suitable only for air enemies.
As you can see above, you must careful choose your upgrade evolution for towers. For hero you can buy many types of weapons: AK-47, J Gun, AA HG, eLR-12, Bow, SMG, RPG and FR/F1. I don't describe them here, as I said before I didn't use my hero possibilities. Weapons have also some powers. More info you can find in online help for game. Hero you can control with keyboard, keys are also in online help. During game map can change. They will be added new ways and exits. Be also careful on air enemies, they ignore ways, and they are going straight to exits. Game has also Load and Save possibility. When you finish game you can copy configuration for later Load.

Elite Forces is an excellent tower defense game with excellent graphics and very good playability. This game is very addictive, and you will spend a lot of time with this game. I am giving this game 9.5 points from 10.

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Reno 911 - Tower Defense Game

Reno 911! Excessive Force is tower defense game, that was built to make promotion for comedy TV series Reno 911. Comedy Central made a good work.

I have never seen Reno 911 TV series, I hope that they are good. But I played game Reno 911, and I must say, that it is a good tower defense game. Before game starts, you can choose one from 3 maps (scenes), and difficulty for game. After choosing options, you can start game. Your target is defend selected place from prisoners breaking from the jail, or from protesting citizens. Your towers are policemen from these series. From start you can use 1 of them, later you can use 8 types of policemen. It looks like, features of policemen are inherited from series, but each of them has specific ability and various features. You can upgrade them more times. And you can also sell them. Game has very good playability, and a good atmosphere. Each level is funny and you won't be bored from beginning to end. Game has average graphics and also average sound effects. I like game engine for upgrades. It took me some time, to use it correctly. Later I like it, because it is very fast system for upgrades. When I will have possibility to see TV series Reno 911, I will do it. It looks like they are very funny. And that was target of this game, to point you on these TV series.

Reno 911! Excessive Force is a good tower defense game with interesting background. I am giving this game 6.5 points from 10.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hunger Strike TD - Tower Defense Game

Wipe out the hunger pangs before they make it out from your belly to your brain! This is the main idea of game from online help for Hunger Strike TD game. Hunger Strike TD is funny tower defense game from KFC.

Hunger Strike TD is a standard tower defense game. It is not the best tower defense game, but it is funny and you can spend good time by playing this game. You must defend your brain from pangs enemies. There are six types of pangs in this game: Orangu Pangs, Ping Pangs, Wu Pang Clan, Pang Pangs, The Big Pang and the Skull. You must defend your brain with these KFC meal weapons.
  • KFC Beans with explosive power.
  • KFC Fries attacks pang eyes
  • KFC Chicken cross road to beat pangs.
  • Pepsi slows enemies by freezing.
  • KFC Big Daddy Burger is the strongest weapon.
All weapons can be upgraded more times. Or they can be sold. You can also buy extra lives. Playability of this game is very good. Also graphics is nice, only background music is so strange. But it is possible to turn it off fortunately. Be careful some Pangs are imunne to some weapons.

Hunger Strike TD is very funny defense game. I am giving this game 6.5 points from 10.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Strategy Defense 4 - Strategy Game

Strategy Defense 4 is new game from before posted series Strategy 1,2,3. Their creator BelugerinGames create new version of these excellent strategy online games.

More info about previous versions of this game you can read when you click on link above. Strategy Defense 4 continue in tracks of Strategy Defense 3. It is more tower defense games, than strategy game. You can PLACE here more defense towers (in previous version you can place only 2 towers). Now you have to defend more bases. That also means, that game is more difficult, than previous version. You can choose from 4 difficulties levels and 12 maps. Also enemies has more bases. Target of game is defending your bases and destroy enemies bases. After some time of game era change and you can buy new types of weapons and defense towers. Game gives you also excellent variety of weapons from history, to weapons from today armies. In every level you have possibility to use special weapon for mass destroying. You can buy ground, water and air weapons. That is all the same, like in previous version. Game is very difficult sometimes. But when you start to play this game, you will not be able to stop. My strategy for this game is defend well your bases only with towers, and attack only on one base in time. It gives you more chances to win this game. You can switch between your bases with keyboard keys Z, X, C.

I think this is a good idea to place more defense towers. It makes from this game full tower online game. Also more bases is a good feature. I am giving Strategy Defense 4 game 9.5/10 points.

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Jexica 3 - Tower Defense Game

Jexica is simple tower defense game. as creator of this game created good game.

Jexica is a standard tower defense game. Simple but good. Without excellent graphics or sounds. At begin you can choose from 3 maps with various difficulty levels. You can use from 5 towers one from them is locked, and code you will gain only after finishing all 50 levels.
  • Cannon is cheap and good for ground enemies.
  • Ray Gun, is good weapon for both units and has area effect.
  • Missile Launcher is good for air units.
  • Ice Turret can slow enemies and it is good for both units.
  • Machine Gun is suitable for both units and it is very fast.
Towers can be upgraded more times. Or they can be sold. Game is third version of games Simple Tower Defense and Simple Tower Defense 2. Playability of this game is good. It looks easy from beginning, but later it is so difficult. You must finish 50 levels to win this game.

Jexica is good tower defense game with good playability. I am giving this game 5.5 points from 10.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Destroy the Toy - Tower Defense Game

Destroy the Toy is simple tower defense game. as creator of this game make game that is playable, but that have problem with speed of game in higher levels.

Destroy the Toy game is a standard tower defense game. Your enemies are toys and you must destroy them before they reach end of way through your field. To destroy them you can build towers. You can built 5 types of weapons:
  • Basic tower is cheap and good for ground and air enemies.
  • Boulder tower, is tower with high damage, but it is suitable only for ground enemies.
  • Dart tower is good for air units, because has wide range and good speed, but lower damage.
  • Slush tower can slow enemies, but is is destroyed after 50 shots. It is absolutely unnecessary in this game
  • Mine is weapon of last aid. It can kill enemy, when other towers doesn't do it. I have never used this wepon.
Towers can be upgraded many times. It is not possible to sell existing towers. Playability of this game is not bad from start, difficulties for levels are good adjusted for first 30 levels maybe. Later is game so boring and when you have fully upgraded towers, all is only question of time, because game start to be very slow. Next problem of this game is, that I didn't find info about actual wave. You will only see this info when you fail. But when you have fully upgraded towers, it looks like this game never ends.

Destroy the Toy is weak tower defense game. It is playable only in first levels, later is very easy, boring and so slow. If you want try this game. I am giving this game 3 points from 10.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Metalix - Tower Defense Game

Metalix is new tower defense game developed by PointZero company. It is game with excellent 3D graphics and new idea: Changing path for each wave and possibility to move towers.

With this possibility has this game new strategy feature, but it is still good old tower defense game. First of all you will be surprised with very nice graphics and nice sound effects. Game looks more like Shockwave game, where is better support for 3D. But it is Flash game and authors used all possibilities of this tool. Main target of game is protecting your power source from mechanical animals. You can use only 3 types of towers:
  • Cannon Tower is the cheapest tower.
  • Laser Tower has more damage.
  • Fire Tower slows enemies
. But all towers have excellent upgrade support. You can upgrade their power for more damage, range, quantity to improve frequency of shots, and movement for increasing speed while moving on other place. All features can be upgraded 5 times. As I wrote before path for enemies changes in each level. That means that you must move you existing towers to new positions, when new level starts. It is important strategy factor for this game. Before sending wave you select new place for towers. But towers start to move only when you allow enemies to go. You must be careful, where you move your towers, because they can be destroyed, when they are crossing path with enemies. When is your tower damaged, it can be recovered. Possibility to move is also good during game. You can move towers on new positions and you can make more damage to enemies they are out of range. Game is very addictive, and it looks easy from start, but soon it changed to difficult one. I love this new feature, when you must create plan of next moves for towers from start of wave, and also during wave.

Metalix is excellent tower defense game. Big plus of this game is new idea of changing paths in each level together with moving towers. Also upgrade system for towers is very good. I am giving this game 9.5 points from 10.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Trench Commander - Tower Defense Game

Trench Commander is simple tower defense game. Creator of this game made easy game with good idea. Idea of combination towers into more powerful towers.

Idea of combined towers was also used in Gem Tower Defense game. This game was much more difficult. Trench Commander bet on simple standards. Simple graphics, average sounds, and good playability is combined into good game. But game has also big problem. In higher levels, is game very slow. Very slow means, very very very slow. You can use 7 types of towers:
  • Basic tower cheap and can be used for air and ground enemies.
  • Electro tower, use constant stream of electrical damage. It can be also used for air and grounds units.
  • Grinder tower has very close range and attacks only ground units.
  • SAM Site is good tower for air units.
  • EMP Tower Slows ground or air units.
  • Mine can be used for killing one enemy.
  • Explosive Mine kill all enemies in area of explosion.
You can also build bank building, and then you can earn also some interests from your money. Towers can be upgraded. After full upgrade some near towers combine into more powerful tower. You can also choose speed of game.

Trench Commander is good simple tower defense game. It has a problem with speed while using combined towers in higher levels. But i like this idea of combined towers. I am giving this game 6 points from 10. After correction of speed problem, I will give this game plus 1 point.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Helix Defense - Tower Defense Game

Helix Defense is tower defense game strange atmosphere. as creator of this game make game with dark background graphics, and lights of turrets.

Helix Defense game is standard tower defense game. You must defend your reactor from enemies ships. You must build laser turrets around of enemies ships way. Building turrets costs energy. And energy you gain from reactor itself. Next energy you have from interests from conserved energy from previous waves. And at last you can build additional generators. You can built 7 types of turrets:
  • Laser turret is cheap and has a good range.
  • Slowing turret, very important turet, attacks and also slows enemies.
  • Sniper turret is very powerful, has a good range but is very slow.
  • EMP turret can damage more enemies in range.
  • Chain turret can also damage more enemies with electricity.
  • Damage/Time turret after hitting enemy is damage of enemy continuing in time.
  • Nano turret is very fas turret.
Turrets can be also upgraded many times and destroyed. Playability of this game is not bad, difficulties for levels are good adjusted.

Helix Defense is average tower defense game. I don't like graphics engine, because it take me some time to find all necessary controls there. But when I played this game longer time, it was much better. I recommend you to spend some time with this game, maybe that you will like it. Or maybe not. I am giving this game 6 points from 10.

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Vector TD 2 - Tower Defense Game

I wrote in this blog about two Vector tower defense games already. It was Vector TD and Vector TDX games. Vector TD 2 is next version of this excellent tower defense game from David Scott.

Vector TD 2 is also very good online game. You must destroy Vectoids, before they reach exit. You can choose from 6 maps. You can play game in 4 mods. Normal mode you know from previous versions. In time attack you must defend from constant stream of Vectoids and you must survive as long as possible. Lightning mode is only for best players, because all enemies move twice as fast. Sandbox is special mode where you have from start 50.000 USD and 2 bonuses. After setup you have to survive as long as possible. After choosing node and map, you can start game. Game engine is similar to previous versions. Here you can choose from 4 colors of towers, in 3 types. There is also a new type of tower in game. The rewinder tower teleports the target back to a point in it's past. It is a good to use it at the end of your defenses to make Vectoids get another taste of your towers. Enemies are also the same. For each tower you can select target locking from three types: close, hard, or weak enemies. After premium levels you can earn bonus points, that can be changed for special bonuses. All controls are logically arranged. Playability is as good as in previous versions. You must very carefully spend or conserve money, choose right type of towers, and find best positions for them.

I spend a lot of time with this game, especially with first version. It is classic of tower defense games. Main improvement from previous versions are new modes. I am giving this game 9/10 points.

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Friday, February 8, 2008

Battle TD - Tower Defense Game

Battle TD is queen of online tower defense games. Creator of this game NEKO created not only tower defense game, but whole online tower defense platform.

Battle TD has excellent graphics. I can say it is the best graphics I have ever seen for online tower defense game. It can be played in 2 modes. You can play Canyon map or Maze map. Each map needs different strategy for playing. For second one you need of course create your own way for creatures. In game you can use 9 towers. 3 basic towers: Arrow tower, Cannon tower and Ballista tower you can use from start of game. Next towers you can use only when you gain technologies for them. They you gain after finishing some levels. Fire catapult, Icicle tower and Poison tower are better towers after gaining necessary technology. Best towers as Magic fire, Crystal tower and Lightning tower and they you can gain only from combination of 2 from 3 technologies. It is possible to upgrade each tower twice. And towers also can be sold for 75% of their prices. In game is 28 types of creeps totally. Important division is on ground creeps and air creeps. Each type from both of them needs other type of towers. Game intelligence is very good. You must always think carefully about buying and upgrading right towers. I was a little bit disappointed with very fast start in Maze map. I usually lost some lives in first level. Game as whole is excellent tower defense game. After registration on page you have more advantages than anonymous players. Best score system in platform is also very good developed. The best players in both modes can be honored with many types of medals. On Battle TD page you can also find a lot of useful informations. It contains tutorial, forum, gallery, support pages and much more. I can only recommend this game for all tower defense players.

Battle TD is excellent tower defense game. It is now one from the best online tower defense games on internet. I am giving this game 10 points from 10.

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RPG - Tower Defense Game

RPG Tower Defense Game is easy online game suitable for beginners on tower defense games field., creator of this game created boring game without atmosphere.

You can play RPG TD in more modes or difficulties. You have 3 difficulties modes, normal, hard and insane. Game have also special mode SandBox with huge amount of gold. You can add towers everywhere on map, that means strategy for this game is based on creating of mazes. Game has 5 available towers. First Arrow Tower has normal damage and fast speed. Next Cannon Tower has slow speed but high splash damage. Arcane Tower is the most expensive one with medium speed and high magic damage. Fire Tower has medium magic damage and fast speed. And last one Ice Tower only slows enemies. There are 5 types of enemies and one from them is Boss. Game has also special buildings. Mine gives you more gold, and Church gives you prayer points. They can be used for attack spells like Blizzard, Angel of Death and Judgement Day. The weakest feature of game is game intelligence. Game has quantum levels, and they are too similar. I am not sure if exists the last level, I played around 100 in normal mode. After playing game longer time is game so boring. You can choose from more background songs. Here I have also one comment. I know one from songs from Submachine P&C online game, and I am not sure about breaking copyrights for this song.

RPG Tower Defense is weak game and it needs to remake game engine, to give game better playability. Neverending levels doesn't create addictive game. I am giving this game 3 points from 10.

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Protector - Tower Defense Game

Protector game is more than Tower Defense Game. Creator of this game Undefined from, make excellent combination of RPG game and tower defense game.

Protector is very extensive game with many maps. It is next version of Defender game from the same creator, with much more possibilities.
Basic game engine is the same as in the game Defender. That means that you have no towers but heroes, resp. magicians. Heroes can be upgraded only after gaining some experience. Then they marked their outline with red color. Upgrades can be general or special. Special updates increase special attack power. General upgrades give hero more damage. They can be built only on dedicated areas. If you have not enough free places, it is possible to clear new places. After finishing map you gain some skill points. In skills section you can change points to new skills. To access advanced units you will need to have specific skill. System of skills is much more complicated and it is good to look better on possibilities of this game in help included in game. This help is called Protectopedia and describes all aspects of this game. Also system of maps is expanded. After finishing map, you can continue only on neighbouring maps of maps, you successfully finished. Game contains a lot of maps with various difficulties. All progress in game is automatically saved. Game is a good time consumer and in stats for game you can also see how time you spend with this game. It is interesting to know, how much time you can spend with playing this game. And I am sure that you will spend a lot time with this game, because it is very addictive.

Protector is excellent tower defense game. It is now one from the best online tower defense games on internet. I am giving this game 10 points from 10.

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Monday, February 4, 2008

Picnic Basket Defense - Tower Defense Game

Picnic Basket Defense has similar main idea to AntBuster tower defense game., creator of this game make playable clone of Desktop TD.

Main target of game is defend your picnic meals from ants ant other bugs. Game has engine copied from Desktop TD. But it doesn't mean, because game itself is very good. Insects are going from two entries, and leave your map in two exits. You must build your towers from standard picnic meals. Mustard tower is basic unit, and can kill ground enemies. Big advantage of mustard tower is its price, and possibility of many upgrades. Ketchup tower is more powerful and can attack ground and air units. Honey Trap slows ground enemies for 10 sec, without damage. With Pepper tower you can create pepper clouds and they damage all enemies in them. Toothpicks shoot projectiles and can attack multiple units. It is suitable for ground and air insects.
Sugar tower is special tower and it improves features of other towers around it. After clicking on existing tower tower you can see stats for tower. From there can be tower upgraded. Number of upgrades depends on tower type. Tower can be also sold. On bottom you can see enemies waves slider. Good tactics is similar to Desktop TD, that means to create maze for ground units. I prefer to join both entries into 1 way and continue through created maze. Be prepared also defend yourself from air insects.

Picnic Basket Defense is good tower defense game. I like this join of AntBuster and Desktop TD games. I am giving this game 7 points from 10.

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