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Monday, January 28, 2008

Revenge of Stick Men - Tower Defense Game

Stick Men is known from many online games. Usually from action games. Revenge of Stick Men is tower defense game where are stick men used as enemies. as creator of this game make very good game and we will introduce this game in this post.

A small group of stickmen are literally leaping out of their computer prison with freedom in their minds. It's up to you to stop these freaks of nature from escaping and quash the rebellion before it takes hold across the world. To stop them you need to use items from your desktop as pens, calculators, paper clips, rulers, mobile phones, staplers and fist. All these item are used as defense towers. When you gain some heads, you can change them to unlock new items, or buy bonus features. Game has nice graphics and very nice idea. You can choose from 4 difficulties or you can play free play. From beginning it looks very easy, but soon stick men change your life to hell. To stop them is not easy exercise, and you must carefully choose right items from your desktop.

Revenge of Stick Men is very good tower defense game. I can only recommend this game. I am giving this game 7 points from 10.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Strategy Defense - Strategy Game

Strategy Defense 1, 2, 3 are very specific games. Their creator BelugerinGames create nice strategy online games.

Strategy Defense 1

Reason why I played this game is that game is similar to tower defense games style. Especially Strategy Defense 3. In Strategy Defense 1 and 2 you have to kill all enemies and go to specific point on map. You have one or more characters. With them you can do specific things. With action Move you can move your character on specific place. Attack action is for attacking enemies with selected weapon. Action Wait is for standing on place for next turn. Action Items is for using items that can help you to win battle. Action Magic is for using magic to attack enemies. With action Change you can change your character to another one. All game consists from many levels. Between levels you can save status of game, and also buy weapons and items in shop for next levels.

Strategy Defense 1 Game is very nice game and I can only recommend you this game. I am giving this turn strategy game 8/10 points.

Strategy Defense 2

Strategy Defense 2 game is similar game to Strategy Defense 1 game. It has new levels and more improvements. There is possible to buy more types of items and weapons. I am also giving this turn strategy game 8/10 points.

Strategy Defense 3

Strategy Defense 3 Game is not turn strategy game. It is similar more to tower defense games. At beginning of this game you have to choose map and difficulty for game. You can buy some defense towers. You spend rest of your money to buy weapons. Target of game is defending your base and destroy enemies base. After some time of game you can buy new types of weapons and defense towers. Game give you excellent variety of weapons from history to weapons from today armies. In every level you have possibility to use special weapon for mass destroying. You can buy ground, water and air weapons. Game has very good playability and sometimes you must be very fast to defend yourself.
I like this game much more than previous versions of this game. I am giving Strategy Defense 3 game 9/10 points.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Turret Defense - Tower Defense Game

Turret Defense is tower defense game with not tower defense finish. ArmorGames as creator of this game try to something new.

Turret Defense game is campaign game. All game consists from 4 campaigns, but last campaign is not in tower defense style, but simple RPG game. In first 3 campaigns you must defend some map from enemies. You don't have a big variety of weapons. You have only one type of turret. For building turrets you need some money and energy. Energy you gain from power plants, that you must also build. If you want to upgrade turrets, you must also buy factory. In each campaign you can buy only limited count of turrets. Your turrets can be also attacked by enemies, and you must buy new ones, if some of them are destroyed. Game has simple graphics and sound. You must buy turrets in high speed to defend maps in later campaigns. Last RPG campaign is not a good idea. It is only effort to join together 2 poor games.

Turret Defense is weak game and it needs a lot of improvements to make from it good tower defense game. It has some good features, but it is very easy and simple. If you want, try this game. I am giving this game 4 points from 10.

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Friday, January 18, 2008

The Fifth Force - Tower Defense Game

The Fifth Force is simple 10 maps tower defense online game from WindMind. This game has a little bit original concept of improving possibilities from map to map.

Standard tower defense game and you have 4 basic towers:
Fire tower, Earth tower, Air tower, and Water tower.
All have some advantages and disadvantages. Some have a good damage, some better range and some better speed. Before each level it is important to think good tactics. All towers can be upgraded more times. Maps have from 1 to 11 levels. This not too much. For each map you some initial money. When you finish map, money from previous map are transformed to experience points, and you can buy for them some improvements (talents) for your towers or new type of towers. Graphics of The Fifth Force is poor, nut it doesn't mean. It is easy game, but it also possible to play this game with effort to earn how much points how it is possible. Then you must very carefully choose your money. Best players can submit their score on high score list.

The Fifth Force is not bad game, and you can spend with this game from half hour to a day. I am giving this game 5 points from 10.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Flash Element TD 2 - Tower Defense Game

I wrote about Flash Element TD a month ago. There I wrote that this game is one of the best tower defense online games. creates new version of this game Flash Element TD 2, and I must say that this game is even better than previous version.

From previous version game absorbed genial playability. Also difficulty of all levels is very good balanced. Target of game is to protect elements at end of map from stealing. Elements are added after some levels. On start you have 2 elements and you finish with 5 elements. There is difference from previous version, because you can also kill enemies when they are returning with stolen elements. When you kill enemy on return way, elements stay on way.

On start you can choose from 2 maps. Easy map has 50 levels. For harder 'Zig Zag' map you need to register on page. Down you can see status area with basic information about actual or previous level. Right it is control panel for levels. Here you can see info about next level.

From colors over squares on level slider you can see type of enemies in next levels. You will fight with gray creeps, red groupers, yellow runners, great resistors, fixer uppers, shifters and armour plated. Gray creeps are simple beast without special traits. Red groupers go in groups with more creatures. Yellow runners are fastest enemies. Great resistors has shield that reduce damage after hitting. Fixer uppers heal itself. Shifters can avoid for some time. Armour plated are toughest enemies. When you click on enemy, you can see info about its health, speed all hits in top right area together with zoomed creep on map. After 6 levels there is level with boss or bosses.

When you kill boss you gain besides of money also 5 tokens. They can be used for unlock better towers, for returning back elements after killing creature with stolen element or for increasing interests from each level. You can also twice, or 4 times improve HP of creeps, and after killing them you will earn more points.

You can choose from 10 types of towers. Basic arrow tower fires single arrows. Basic cannon tower fires heavy cannon ball. Basic slowing tower slows enemies. Snipper tower MK1 has huge range and good damage and is good for killing shifters. Fire tower damages enemies with fire. Chain gun can hit 4 enemies at once. Jet tower damages enemies in area. Glue gun freezes enemies for some time. Snipper tower MK2 is improved Snipper tower MK1. Last splinter tower is improved fire tower. Each tower can be upgraded 4 times or sold. Towers can also improve their parameters with experience.

Game has also other controls. All controls and information areas are on logical places, and when you play game first time, all controls will be illustrated in tutorial.

Flash Element TD 2 is an excellent tower defense game. It can contains more maps. I didn't play harder zig zag map but easy map I finished at first attempt. Games has nice graphics and good sound effects. I am giving this game 9 points from 10.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fratboy Girlfriend Defense - Tower Defense Game

Fratboy TD is simple, but nice online game. creates tower defense game with humor and interesting storyline.

You are lover and you must defend castle of your girlfriend from other men. How to do it? This is tower defense game and you have 6 weapons for defending it. Each weapon has 4 upgrades. Archery tower is the cheapest one and has low damage with good speed. Cannon tower is good against armored units. Magic tower has a very good damage, but it is suitable only for lands units. Air tower is very fast and it is suitable only for air attacks. Trap tower is special tower that stops enemy for short time. Last and the most expensive is Pillbox. This tower is very fast and it is suitable for air and land units. Playability of game is very good. Game is from level to level more difficult. Fratboy TD has 45 basic levels, and after finishing basic levels it is possible to continue in survival mode. Experienced tower defense game player will finish this game in hour. For others there is a good strategy start with some archery towers and cannon towers. Later it is good to upgrade them. When you can earn enough money from selling of archery towers, do it and buy pillbox. Upgraded cannon towers and pillbox towers make strong defense for all units.

Fratboy TD is good game especially for beginners, but also experienced players will be happy while play this game. My valuation is 7 points from 10.

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Vector TDX - Tower Defense Game

Vector TDX is new version of Vector TD tower defense game from David Scott. Here you can find post about previous version Vector TD.

Vector TDX has the game engine from older version. I will not describe features of this game. All features are described in post above. There are some differences to old version. Towers has other features. Game has only one map, with 50 levels. X in name of this game means "extreme", because I don't know somebody, who beats this game. The best players reach only level 37. It is challenge for all tower defense players to reach higher levels. From start game doesn't look so difficult. But this is only mask of sheep that change in higher levels to beast and Vector TDX changes into a struggle for life. About every step in this game you must think very carefully. With every bad step penalized you in short time. Unfortunately game doesn't have undo feature.

I recommend this game for every fan Vector TD game. But be prepared to fail. Is it possible to beat this game? Nobody knows. Be prepared, Vectoids are released.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Vector TD - Tower Defense Game

Vector TD is the best online tower defense game. Exists also new version of this game, about about this game I will write something later. David Scott author of Flash Element TD and Flash Circle TD games creates pearl in online games.

Vector TD is one from the most addictive games on internet. It is standard tower defense game, that means, that you must destroy enemies (Vectoids), before they reach exit, with towers built along their path. You can choose from eight maps. After choosing map, you can start game. Here you can choose from 4 types, resp. colors of towers. Also enemies are colored and each type of tower is good for one or 2 colors of enemies. From each color of towers you have 3 kinds of towers. That means that you have 12 types of towers. Each tower can be upgraded 9 times from level 1 to level 10. Usually tower upgraded on level 10 has the same damage as higher tower of the same color with level 1. In addition higher towers can damage more Vectoids at a time or have some other improvements. For each tower you can select target locking from three types: close, hard, or weak enemies. It is good to focus strong towers on hard enemies, for others is good to choose weak or close enemies focusing. Towers can be sold. After some levels you can earn bonus points that can be changed for special bonuses. First bonus is damage booster. Damage booster increases damage of all towers in range. Range booster do the same with range of towers. You can also buy 5 extra lives. Last bonus is interest increase. If you don't spend all money you can earn interest from them. As you can see Vector TD has many features, but all controls are logically arranged and in short time you will know to use all features without problems. Vector TD is not easy game, especially in harder maps is sometimes impossible to win. You must very carefully spend or conserve money, choose right type of towers, and find best positions for them.

You will probably spend a lot of free time with this game. I can only recommend this game. For me is Vector TD the best online tower defense game forever.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

FrontLine - Tower Defense Game

FrontLine is simple, but nice tower defense game. creates game similar to Desktop Tower Defense.

FrontLine is standard tower defense game. You will not find here quantum possibilities and controls. You have 6 weapons (towers) available. Each weapon has 3 features: range, damage, and speed. All features can be upgraded. In the status line you see all necessary stats about game. Above status line, you can choose weapons. In the middle you see basic actions buttons. On right side you see slider with next waves types. Game has 3 difficulty levels. Easy level is very easy, and you will finish it with high probability on first attempt. For next levels it is possible to use maze strategy. Game has good playability, and it is without mistakes. It is not the best tower defense game, I have ever played, but I am sure it is good enough to spend some time to play this game. Page of author is under reconstruction now, and I use link on game from third party side.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Anti TD - Tower Defense Game?

Anti TD is not really tower defense game. In this game are roles switched. Computer defends from enemies sent by you with towers. Thank you Sugar Free for this excellent idea and game.

Game has 10 levels. To unlock next, you must finish previous one. From beginning it looks like very easy game. But each next level is more and more difficult. You must build units and pass enemy towers. You can generate 10 units type. 3 air units and 7 ground units. For each unit you can choose from 5 upgrades (levels). Higher level of unit means more money to pay for unit, but also higher resistance and speed of unit. You can choose entrances for generated unit and directions straight during the game. All this operations you must combine in short time. How far from entrance your unit reach is directly proportional to money you earn. You can also earn extra money, when you cross money bonus mark. You can also find here other types of bonus marks, like money bonus or points bonus. Target of game is reach exit with selected amount of units for specific level. Game has very nice graphics, all controls are clear in short time and standard sound. I didn't find any mistake in this game. Game has very good playability and is very addictive. With good strategy for each level you can finish it in hour or two. Good strategy is combine air and ground units. If there are more entrances, it is necessary to start from the right one. I start from begin with low level units and later I increase levels for units. You must be careful on your money balance. Usually I knew, that I had found good strategy when my money balance is growing.

My final verdict for this anti tower defense game is:
Try this game, and you will spend good time with plying it.

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Monday, January 7, 2008

Stalingrad 2 - Tower Defense Game

About tower defense game Stalingrad I wrote post on December 2007 already. This game was one of the best tower defense games I have ever played. Now is January 2008 and here is Stalingrad 2 - The Fall of Berlin, new version of this excellent game. Similar like in first version you must defend Stalingrad and other points from enemies in history battles from WW2. Creator from improves possibilities of first version of Stalingrad.

Here is link on my previous post first version of Stalingrad tower defense game. Here I will write mainly about features of new version of this game. Here you must beat 10 levels (10 points to defend from enemies) of this game to finish it. Levels are very difficult and I promise you a lot of hours resp. days spend with this excellent online game. Especially air attacks waves are extra difficult. You can continue to next level only when you finish previous one. You can buy basic weapons. New feature in Stalingrad 2 game are tanks. In addition, you can buy also waves of your vehicles to defend your positions. Better weapons you must research with help of factories. You can buy 3 types of factories.

  • Money factories produce some amount of money after finishing each wave.
  • Gun factories are necessary for research new weapons, resp. towers.
  • Tank factories are for researching better vehicles.

I didn't find upgrades in this game but it looks like upgrades are replaced with wider variety of weapons and vehicles. To use all features of this game you spend a lot of time. There is still excellent violin and piano music on background.

I found only one minus of this game. Game is slower when you use big amount of weapons.

But still Stalingrad 2 - The Fall of Berlin is one of the best tower defense games.

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