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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

SNAFU Tower Defense Game

SNAFU Tower Defense is fantastic defense game with war topic from Digital Machina. Excellent game for every TD maniac.

SNAFU Tower Defense game has very good mission system. After long time I finally played very good tower defense game. It looked like, there were not new good TD games on the internet. Only weak copies of existing games. But SNAFU is here, and now it is everything OK. I am sure, that you will spend a lot free time with this game. The game has 10 missions at all, and many missions are more than 1 hour long. There is nice idea to add remaining time for each mission. Every mission in the game has different map and need different strategy. But in every mission you need to build towers, to prevent enemy units to reach end of the map. Some from maps has 2 entrances and exits. You can choose from these towers:
  • Barricade A physical barrier that inflicts no damage to enemy units, only forces them to choose another path. Aerial units are not affected by barricades.
  • Machine Gun Nest Armed with a high caliber machine gun with a fast rate of fire. Machine gun nests can target both aerial and terrestrial enemies. They are best suited for taking out unarmored units one at a time.
  • Artillery Tower Fires ballistic anti-armor shells, delivering high damage to a single target. Slow rate of fire, but has great range and armor penetration. They are essential for taking out armored jeeps, tanks and trucks.
  • Mortar Tower Fires high explosive ballistic rounds that explode on impact damaging all enemies caught in the blast rating. Has low armor penetration, but when upgraded the blast radius and damage are devastating to groups of unarmored enemies.
  • SAM Tower Launches guided surface-to-air missiles that can only target aerial units. Has an extremely fast rate of fire and great range. They are limited to only targeting flying enemies, but a few of these towers can go a long way when upgraded.
  • Microwave Tower Delivers a directed ray of microwave radiation that slows enemy personnel caught in its focus. The ray becomes more focused as it is upgraded, but also becomes more effective. They are only effective against grunts, but can extend the performance of all other ground targeting towers by extending the time they can attack each grunt.
  • EMP Tower Generates a strong electro magnetic pulse that damages all mechanical enemies within range. In addition, the EMP has a chance to stun each enemy. They can be the line between victory and defeat when battling mechanical units. Also, instead of stunning aerial units, these towers will do 10 times the normal damage.
All towers except Barricade can be upgraded 5 times. They can be sold for 75% of their price. And for all tower you can choose system of targeting from 3 modes: Closest to the Goal (default), Strongest and Weakest.

SNAFU has very well designed game engine. It has very nice graphics and good sound effects. After mission selection you can build initial defense. The mission starts after pressing Start button on the map. All controls are very clear. When the mission starts you can continue with your defense building. You are informed about basic facts: remaining money, lives and time. After wave finishing you can see remaining timer before next wave starts. You can press Next Wave button to gain bonus. Every mission in this game need different strategy. Sometimes you must use maze strategy. Sometimes you must only use good combination of towers. After finishing mission you can compare your score with high scores. My good advice is: Make enemy units way as long as it is possible. And it is good to use heavy towers at start of the map, and later you can use Machine Gun. You must at first destroy enemy vehicle and then passengers..

Snafu is an excellent war tower defense game with excellent playability. I can only recommend this game to every TD player. I am giving this game 9.0 points from 10.

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At February 14, 2009 6:49 AM , Anonymous John said...

Wow I really like this game!


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