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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Spira Defence - Tower Defense Game

Spira Defence is a little bit different tower defense game. Craig Hart make Java applet game with enemies attacking in spirals.

Spira Defence don't have maps at all. Main idea of game is protect central base, from enemies attacking in spirals. This is very specific game. You can fill 9 positions on your base with defense towers. You can buy from these towers:
  • Chain Tower is red tower with average cost and low range. It can attack on more enemies at once. The number of enemies affected can be improved.
  • Rapid Tower is the cheapest one with low damage but excellent rate and range.
  • Slower Tower is blue tower. It is slow expensive tower, but have the property of slowing 3 enemies to make them easier targets for other towers.
  • Stopper Tower is light blue tower. It is improved version of Slower Tower with better rate, less range and more damage.
  • Reape Tower is black tower. It is very slow, but it has an excellent damage.
  • Gold Tower is very expensive tower with excellent damage. When this tower hits an enemy, the enemy becomes marked. If the enemy is killed whilst marked money paid for the enemy is raised.
Towers you can upgrade more times and they can be sold.

You can also gain special powers released form some enemies.
  • Score Multi increases the score obtained from enemies.
  • Range Multi increases the range of all your towers.
  • Money Multi - increases the money obtained from enemies.
  • Damage Multi increases the damage of all your towers.
  • Mass Freeze freezes and slows all enemies.
  • Smart Bomb explodes all enemies!
  • Reward Bonus receives score and money bonus.
  • Interest Bonus increases interests from money.
  • Lives Bonus gives extra life.
You can also sell or buy lives in the game. Money you can earn from killed enemies and interests on the money left in the bank at the end of a level.

The game engine is very specific. But make good Java applet game is very difficult. I know it, because I am Java programmer. Graphics is poor without sound effects. Holding the right mouse button will speed up the game. The game has simple interface. I have had problems with refreshing of applet more times. It is very difficult game, and every mistake during playing means soon game over.

Spira Defence is specific tower defense game. It has good playability, but it is very difficult. I am giving this game 6.0 points from 10.

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