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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dungeon Defender - Tower Defense Game

Dungeon Defender is very unique tower defense game. Tom Delorenzi make game with poor graphics, but good playability.

Dungeon Defender is real time strategy and tower defense hybrid. In the game you must protect your treasure from heroes. When you start new game, you can create avatar. You can choose from:
  • Death Knight is a melee avatar. His main weakness is he cannot deal damage from a safe distance. He gains the following special abilities at higher levels: Bash it stuns an enemy, Tower Shield reduces damage, Lay On Hands gives him maximum damage for a time.
  • Chaos ranger is better for long ranges with help of a crossbow. He gains the following special abilities at higher levels: Multishot he use 3 arrows at once, Trainer improve stats for produced creatures, Critical Strike can double damage.
  • Evil Wizard has area effect damage and it is specialized in magic. At higher levels he gains the following abilities: Chain Lightning lighting bounces between enemies, Gate protects him for a time, Poison Cloud cloud of poison damages enemies in it's range.
You can move your avatar with arrow keys. In next window you can see levels of game. After choosing level, game starts. In game you can control game from 4 basic panels on the right side. Lairs panel is for digging and build lairs, Support panel lets you place traps and support buildings, in Items panel you can see avatar items and in Avatar panel you can see avatar's stats.

You can build these lairs:
  • Goblin is basic melee lair
  • Centaur fire arrows at enemies
  • Minotaur is stronger melle unit
  • Manticore is flying unit and can be attacked only by range units.
  • Vampire is flying unit and drain life from enemies.
  • Lich hurls clouds of death.
  • Elemental is very strong and big unit.
  • Hydra is special unit available only for Death Knight
  • Demon is special unit available only for Evil Wizard
  • Wyrm is special unit available only for Chaos Ranger
You can also buy from these support items: Gym, Track, Academy or Gold Vault. They are necessary to provide a stat bonus per level of strength, dexterity, and magic or increasing interests between rounds. You can also buy traps in the game: Spike Trap, Pit Trap, Boulder Trap, Maim Trap, Death Trap, Grave Trap or Swarm Trap. Last three are available only for specific avatar.

After victory you are rewarded with bonus points and you can buy various game abilities for them. Game contains bonus tree, when you can choose from big variety of abilities.

As you can see above Dungeon Defender is very complex game. At beginning this game look so strange and difficult to me. To much possibilities made from this game giant with poor playability. Later I discovered, that poor graphics and annoying background music hides good game.

Dungeon Defender is very complex real strategy and tower defense game. It has good playability but it take time, to learn all possibilities of this game. I am giving this game 6.5 points from 10.

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