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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Elite Forces Conquest - Tower Defense Game

Elite Forces Conquest is new version of very successful Elite Forces tower defense game from Starygin V.A.. This new version of game is an excellent work.

Similarly like in previous version of game, there is hero who can be moved on map, combined with standard tower defense engine. Hero is necessary part of game, especially while starting new map. Later it is, for me, only next tower in game. Disadvantage of hero system is, that hero is also target of enemies attacks, especially from air enemies. You have only 3 lives for hero in each map, and you will simply lost game after killing hero more times. Another reason for loosing game is, when enemies reach end of map. You must protect your map with hero and you must also build and upgrade towers to stay in the game.

You can build these towers:

  • Ice towers have low damage, but they can slow enemies. They are very strong and necessary on higher levels.
  • Hero towers can improve damage of hero weapons.
  • Light towers will guide your weapons, by doing it faster.
  • Energy towers improve damage for all towers and hero weapons. They are suitable only for ground enemies.
  • Fire towers improve radius of explosions. They have splash damage and are suitable only for ground enemies.
  • Poison towers continuously damage enemies with poison.
  • Life towers are very cheap. They are suitable only for ground enemies.
  • Earth towers has very good damage. Some of them are suitable only for ground enemies.
  • Wind towers are good against air enemies. Some of them are suitable only for air enemies.
  • Death towers are new towers for this version of game. They can half enemy HP.
All towers you can build with mouse, using drag and drop system. After clicking on tower, it can be upgraded or sold. Each tower can be upgraded many times, and you can also upgrade some specific features of tower. It means, that you can build variable towers of each kind. To do this, you must be an expert for this game. For normal players are standard upgrades enough.

You can move your hero with help of keyboard with arrows or WSAD keys. Your hero has more weapons and you can change them with mouse wheel or number keys. Before starting map, you can choose from more heroes. After finishing map you can also spent skill points to improve some features for your hero or towers. Each map has more ways. They are enabled during playing the map. It is possible to view them with red colored lines. It is necessary to build your towers on positions, to be prepared for these ways. It is also good to be prepared for next waves on map. You can see next waves types after clicking twice on bottom left slider. You can change the speed of game with +/- keys.

Game has very good graphics. Maps are usually situated inside of cities. Especially enemies are very good designed. Also sound effects are good. The game engine is sometimes complicated and not very clear filled with so much informations. But after playing game longer time it is OK. The game has a lot of maps, and you will spend with this game a lot of hours or days. Elite Forces Conquest has auto save system and you can return back without loosing finished maps. The game has more 2 modes for playing: Campaign mode where you follow story line, or Skirmish mode where you can choose map for playing.

Elite Forces Conquest is an excellent tower defense game, very good follower of previous version. When you start to play this game, prepare yourself to spend many hours or days with this game. I am giving this game 9.5 points from 10.

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