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Monday, May 19, 2008

Ramparts - Tower Defense Game

Ramparts is standard tower defense game from Axis Games. It looks so simple, but you will be surprised with playability of this game.

Ramparts has standard goal of game. During each wave of game 10 enemies will attempt to reach the end of the ravine. You must kill them before. To do it, you can buy these towers:
  • Ground Tower is suitable only for ground enemies.
  • Air Tower is suitable only for air enemies.
  • Ice Tower is suitable for air and ground enemies. It slows enemies. It is very important tower in this game.
  • Poison Tower is suitable for ground and air enemies. It damages enemies over time with poison.
Game has specific system of upgrades. Upgrade you can only Ground and Air towers. You must select icon on right side and then select tower, that you want to upgrade. Towers can be upgraded only 3 times. If tower is fully upgraded, you can upgrade tower with money upgrade to gain more money from killed enemies by this tower. From beginning this game looks very difficult, later so easy, and later this game has a good balance.
I started with Poison Towers, later I add some Ground and Air Towers. Later you need to build Ice Towers. From time to time I made some upgrades. In higher waves it is so important to buy enough Ice Towers. Creator of this game increase speed of enemies in each wave. Without slowing enemies, it is impossible to kill them. Game has a standard game engine. Game has an average graphics and sound effects. I don't like big amount of levels. I finished in wave 195, and it doesn't look like end of game.

Ramparts is average tower defense game. In higher levels it needs specific strategy with slowing enemies. I am giving this game 5.5 from 10 points.

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