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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fanta Factory Defender - Tower Defense Game

Fanta Factory Defender is funny tower defense game from Main target of game is protect fanta factory from enemies.

Fanta Factory Defender is standard tower defense game. You can buy towers to protect Fanta factory from enemies. You can choose from these towers:
  • Fast Tower is the cheapest one, with low damage, but very fast.
  • Medium Tower has good damage, but is slower.
  • Ice Tower has average damage and low speed, but it slows enemies.
  • Fire Tower has very good range, average damage, but it is slower.
  • Ultra Tower is the best tower, with good damage and slow speed.
All towers can be upgraded more times. Towers can be damaged by explosion enemies, and it is possibility to buy shield for them. You can buy only 10 towers. Game has a simple game engine. Playability is average. I don't like number of waves in this game. It looks like neverending story.

Fanta Factory Defender is very easy tower defense game. It has a new feature: explosive enemies and possibility to buy shields. I am giving this game 6.0 from 10 points.

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