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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Star Defense Squad - Tower Defense Game

Star Defense Squad is tower defense game from Jason Huynh. It's story is based on classic game Asteroids.

In Asteroids is main target to protect your ship from asteroids going from all sides. Star Defense Squad add to this game tower defense features. Main target of game is protect the galaxy from the quasi-mean Commander. Build and upgrade probes to protect your main ship while asteroids and objects fly your way. Use special abilities from the main ship, bounce asteroids off probes or distract them with a decoy. 32 levels of asteroid destruction. It is good idea, and I like it. To build your probes you need material. Material you can gain from destructed asteroids and also after each wave some new will be added. You are also limited with number of controls. You have only 75 controls, and it is not possible to increase it. All probes need specific count of controls and when you will use all free controls, there is no possibility to build new probes. You can build these probes to defend your ship in game:
  • Bounce Probe repels asteroids. Useful keep asteroids stalled.
  • Area Damage Probe fires rockets, that explode and damage all objects within the area.
  • Mass Damage Probe explodes the area surrounding the probe. It has very slow reload time but massive damage.
  • High Damage Probe fires particles that rip through targets. Great damage with little waste.
  • Freezing Probe slows down enemies by freezing.
  • Regenerator Probe regenerates hit points for all probes in range.
  • Gravity Probe will create a gravity link with any object within range. Object will become attracted with this probe.
  • The Wall Probe blocks objects from reaching their target.
Each Probe has 4 types of upgrades. You can select the type of upgrade you want, along the right side of the menu. Use your ships skills to help your probes out. You can also upgrade your ship, similar like probes. Main ship can also fire laser beam, re-energize all probes, fire protective shield and fire statis shield around ship. I like on this game a lot of non-standard weapons and new ideas. What I don't like, is very complicated system of upgrades. Also graphics of game is weak. But it doesn't mean. I spend a lot of time with this game and it was fun. It is new game, and I think there will be some upgrades for game in the future.

Star Defense Squad game tower defense game with many new ideas. Game is difficult, but very addictive. I am giving this game 6.5 from 10 points.

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