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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Castle Defense - Tower Defense Game

Castle Defense is very specific tower defense game from Ronald Martin Jacobson. This game prefers originality before excellent graphics.

Castle Defense is Ugly Duckling among tower defense games. At first I thought this only joke. It looks more like game on 8-bit computers. After some playing this game, I recognized that this game is playable. You must only forget on excellent graphics and all standards from tower defense game engines. Return back to history of computer games, and try this game. Main target of game is protect your castle. In this game it is the rotating center of map. To do this, you can build defense towers, defense buildings and buy updates. Important thing in game, is earning money from your gold huts. You have money only from huts and it main strategy feature of this tower defense game. You must find right balance between earning money, and defense building up. You can buy these towers:
  • Arrow Tower is the cheapest tower in the game. It is basic defense tower. It can be upgraded to replace arrows with more powerful axes.
  • Cannon Tower is a good tower with average damage, but also very slow speed. After update it make splash damage.
  • Ballista Tower is slow tower with the best range in game and average damage. After upgrade it can throw razor rings and it will be faster.
  • Oil Tower is very good tower that damages all enemies. After upgrade it improves its range.
  • Holy Tower is the strongest and the most expensive tower in game. It has an excellent damage and damage will be also increased after upgrade.
All tower can be upgraded only once with special updates. All updates are under each tower in construction area of game.
Next important point of Castle Defense game is to build up support buildings. You can build these support buildings:
  • Wall, defense wall to protect your castle.
  • Hut earns 5 gold per level. Very important, because it is only one way how to earn money.
  • Sawmill can repairs damaged buildings and towers.
  • Iron Mine add 50 HP to all buildings.
  • Ammo Silo speeds up all towers.
You can also make some general upgrades in game:
  • Score Builder purchases +800 score points.
  • Income Builder increases income from all huts by +1 gold.
  • Automatic Wall builds 4 wall around the edge of your castle every turn.
  • Enemy Retarder slows all enemies by +5%.
  • Enemy Reducer reduces enemy number by 5% each level.
  • Range Increase increases the range of all towers by +1.
  • Damage Increase increases the damage of all non-arrow towers by +0.5.
  • HP Increase increases HP of all towers by +40.
  • Automatic Ballista builds 1 ballista tower around the edge of your castle each turn.
  • Score Multiplier raises score multiplier by +100%
Game has no standard controls. You can sell existing towers by pressing S key and choosing building or tower. You can continue to next level by pressing rotating center or by pressing Space key. Space is also used for pause and resume in game.
Castle Defense is difficult game and I had big problem to find good strategy for this game. It is possible to fill whole map with towers, I saw some screenshots, but my results in this game were worse. There is always big question before each level, if you will invest in huts or other building and defense towers. Good strategy is find right balance between them. As I wrote above, game has poor graphics, and also very poor sound effects. Also game engine is horrible. But all these bad features of game are compensated with a good playability.

Castle Defense game is not standard tower defense game. It is more like Defend Your Castle or strategy game. I think, it needs a lot of work, to make from this game excellent game, but I must say it is good game. I am giving this game 6 from 10 points.

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