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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ultimate Defense - Tower Defense Game

Ultimate Defense is new excellent tower defense game from Likwid Game Studios. This game is made in 3-D graphics and looks really fantastic.

Game has an excellent graphics. Ultimate Defense looks simailar to Defender or Protector game. Your target is to conquer whole map. Map has 8 areas. In each area you have 4 waves where you must kill all invaders. On last area you have 8 waves. To stop them, you can hire defenders or buy spells. Defenders during attacking invaders can improve their experiences. It means that, all upgrades in game are done by game engine itself. When invader go to end without stopping him, you will lost 10 health points. When your health decrease to 0, it is game over. You can hire or buy these defenders or spells:
  • Archer is the cheapest defender, with low damage and short range. But they are very fast.
  • Mage has better damage and the same range as an Archer.
  • Ninja has better range and good damage.
  • Dragon is the strongest defender, but is very expensive. It attacks on wide area.
  • Poison is spell and can be used by clicking on enemies. For using poison you need enough manna. Manna you gain after killing enemies.
Defender can be also sold, or you can change their direction. Actual area of map is usually larger then view, and you can move on map with arrow keys, or by dragging mouse with pressed left button and space key. Game has very good playability from easy beginning to hard in higher levels. Necessary strategy for finishing game is saving money from previous areas.

Ultimate Defense is excellent tower defense game. It is online tower defense game with the best graphics I have ever seen. Game has also very good playability. I am giving this game 9.5 from 10 points.

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