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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Toy Town - Tower Defense Game

Toy Town is really nice tower defense game. Author Utterly Superb Games made tower defense game, where you need Hero to defend your castle from enemies.

At beginning you can choose from 3 heroes: A Space marine with fast shots, a Wizard with splash damage or Witch slowing enemies. When you choose your hero, game will start. In game enemies are going to attack your castle, and you must defend it. You can kill them by hero and you can also build towers. Your hero can have for short time some special abilities. These abilities you can find as bonuses when you kill enemies. Hero can also activated aura of some from 4 color. Each color has specific features. If is hero near of tower with the same aura, it can interact together. When you kill enemy, you earn money, and you can buy or improve your towers. For building towers you also need power. Power you can gain from power stations. To gain more power you must buy new one, or upgrade existing. In game you can buy these towers:
  • Castle is the cheapest tower, that need not so much power. Suitable for ground and flying enemies.
  • Cannon Tower has better damage. Suitable for ground and flying enemies.
  • Igloo slows enemies, has splash damage. Suitable for ground and flying enemies.
  • FirePit is tower with excellent splash damage. It is not suitable for flying enemies.
  • Power Station is necessary building that produces necessary energy.

Towers can be upgraded many times or they can be also sold. Towers can have activated auras, which give them bonuses. Hero interacts with towers with the same aura color. You can also create aura combos with extra bonuses. You can also set speed of game. When you click on minimap you will move on selected place. You can also move with arrow keys. To select hero, you can click on button hero or straight on hero. When you want to unselect him click on area around Hero button. Game engine is not bad, I have only problems with moving on map.

Toy Town is tower defense game with action features. For somebody it is a good change, but I prefer standard tower defense games. I am giving this game 6.5 from 10 points.

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