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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Substitute - Tower Defense Game

Substitute is older simple tower defense game. created nice game with 6 positions for turrets and 1 gun.

During World War Three, the United States were creating a powerful biological bomb that would be able kill people without doing any damage to the building they were in. During their test on animals in wasteland, something unexpected happened. It seemed as though the DNA of living creatures mixed with biological gas from the bomb was able to produce some sort of plant that was able to multiply itself at an exceptional rate. Now called the Sub-Virus we know, that in order to live and to reproduce, the Sub-Virus plant needs fresh blood. Your mission consists of protecting a city from the Sub-Virus.

This is a text from game. Substitute is simple game. You have only your gun and you can help yourself with turrets. But you can buy only 6 turrets. You can also buy other weapon as Mine, Para Beam, Fire Bomb or Death Beam. Your turrets and your gun can be upgraded. You can upgrade their range, damage and speed. You can also buy some special equipment for your gun. After each 10 waves you can
  • Search for anti-virus
  • Upgrade soldier's equipment
  • Search for survivors
  • Train 50 soldiers
Game engine is very simple. The big plus of this game is a good level balance. You must very carefully what do you buy for next level.

Substitute is not only tower defense game. It is also shoot game, where you control your gun. My valuation is 5.5 points from 10.

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