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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Storm Astrum Defense - Tower Defense Game

Storm Astrum Defense is military tower defense game from Anton Fedoruk and ArcadeTown. This game is based on Storm tower defense game.

Astrum is planet with high-grade deposit of uranium. Industrial Guild laid waste its forces over the reachest region of the recently researched planet. Defense Guild has sent you to protect planet from assault. You must defend planet and consolidate influence of the Defense Guild among Guild Union...

This is a story from game itself. In short you must conquer all regions on planet. Each region has its own base that you must protect. Game starts with base, and some weapons. You can these types of weapons in game:
  • Light Cannon is cheapest one, with low damage and range
  • Heavy Cannon is better one with good health and armor
  • Howitzer has very good fire speed. I use this cannon for forward positions.
  • Missile Turret has very good range and damage. But it has weak armor and health. It is good in back positions.
  • Mortar is excellent weapon. It has good damage and range.
  • Big Defensive Gun is the best weapon in game. It has excellent damage and range. It is necessary weapon for higher levels on back positions.
You can also build Uranium Refinery for earning some money. Weapons can be upgraded many times and sold. They can be also damaged and destroyed by enemies, and you must build new during the game. For fast repair of weapons you press r while is weapon selected. When you press u weapon will be upgraded. It is nice deigned progress in the game when the enemies get harder to kill each wave, until you get to the boss wave, they are really hard. You can see amount of enemies weapons in actual wave on first row of game window. My strategy was: refinery in back, big defense guns before them and and base and light cannon together with them on sides. Enemies usually attacks side positions in first row. You need to upgrade light cannons on side on good level, and fast repair them during attacks. It is necessary to save some uranium for last wave in region, for repairing your weapons during attack. In this wave you must defend from big amount of all enemies weapons. In the worst case you can use Atom Bomb on bottom right position.

Storm Astrum Defense game is not only upgraded version of Storm game. Storm Astrum Defense is also very well designed military tower defense game with good playability. I am giving this game 8 from 10 points.

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