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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Duels Defense - Tower Defense Game

Duels Defense is tower defense game from This company creates online multiplayer strategy game. Duels Defense is flash game to show to promote their site.

Duels Defense is difficult tower defense game. It has minimum 100 waves and I am not sure if this game has end. It is also very difficult game. To create good position in this game, is not easy. I had a lot of unsuccessful attempts, before I reach higher waves. You don't have enough money to build good defense. You must defend map from land and air units. In game it is a big variety of towers. But better towers you will probably use only from wave 50 and higher. When game starts you must choose your army class. Each class has some special attack, and you can use it, when you have problem defend map with standard towers. To have this ability you must kill 30 enemies (gain 30 bonus points). Exceptions are bosses, when you gain 10 bonus points, after killing it. After choosing class, you can choose from 7 maps. Each map needs specific strategy. Now you can build your army. On right side you can see slider with info about next waves. This is very important info, for choosing right towers for next wave. You can choose from these towers:
  • Archer Tower is week, but fast and is suitable for air and land units. After updating it is more better, and it is necessary for first waves.
  • Catapult is strong weapon, but very slow. It is suitable only for land units.
  • Trebuchet is weapon that can poison enemies. It is suitable only for land units.
  • Mage Tower is good tower for slowing enemies. It is suitable for air and land units, but it has a low damage.
  • Ballista is very good weapon for air units, with good damage and speed.
  • Lightning Tower is advanced expensive tower suitable for both units, with good damage and range. It can damage 5 closest enemies.
  • Fire Tower is advanced tower, suitable for land and air units, with good damage.
  • Water Tower is advanced tower for slowing enemies, suitable for air and land units.
  • Wind Tower is advanced tower with the best damage, but suitable only for air units.
Towers can be upgraded more times, and they can be also sold. When you press Start button, there is no way back. You must defend your map. To build good strategy for game is not easy. In game is a lot of air units, and you need combine Archer towers with Ballista in first waves. Later I bought some Mage towers to slow enemies. To upgrade towers is very important. You must find good rate between amount and quality of towers. Save your special attack on Boss levels. It gives you better money, when you kill boss. Game has good graphics, and weak sounds. But I prefer playability of game, and this game is really good enough to play it.

Duels Defense is good tower defense game with many towers and special attack ability. It is very difficult game, but you will enjoy time you'll spend with this game. I am giving this game 8 from 10 points.

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