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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Desert Outpost Defense - Tower Defense Game

Desert Outpost Defense is next military tower defense game from This game is similar to Storm and Storm Astrum Defense games.

Your goal is to survive as long as you can while wave after wave of enemies attack you. Do not let your command center die. As you progress, you will be confronted more and more with trucks that carry turrets on them. Foot Soldiers will also spawn at various times and they do not follow the path. As you play you will learn where they spawn from.

This is a story from game itself. Game is developed on new game engine with name Commodore Project. It is attempt to create universal game engine for strategy games. Truly said, this game together with game engine need some improvements. First thing I don't like, is bigger map than view for game. You can move on map with arrow keys. You can also zoom map with + and - keys. But problem is, that also with minimum zoom you don't see whole map. Whole map it is possible see only on minimap. Next thing I don't like on game, is system of upgrades. At first there is problem to find, where are upgrades placed. They are on right bottom point in weapons frame. You must click on second tab in this frame. Next problem is that you don't upgrade selected weapon, or all weapons of some type, but you upgrade all your units. You can upgrade damage, range, firing rate and armor. It is non sense, I think. As you can read from instructions on web page with game, it is not possible to win game. Your target is survive as long, as it is possible. Then you can send your score, and compare your results with others on high score pages.

You can use these types of weapons in game:
  • Cannon is cheapest one, with low damage and average range, but good fire rate.
  • Mortar is better one with good damage, but small range and fire rate.
  • Rocket has very good range and fire rate and average damage.
  • Machine Gun has average range, low damage but excellent fire rate.
There is no possibility to repair or sell existing weapons. My strategy was to make nest with cannons and constantly upgrade units. Later I bought some rockets. It is not best strategy, and if you know better, write it here, please. Be careful, from time to time there are going foot soldiers, and they didn't use standard way and you must protect base also from them. Game itself is good playable, when you will learn system, how to control game engine efficiently. It is difficult tower defense game without happy end.

Desert Outpost Defense game is new military tower defense game, that need some juice. For me is this game boring, and I prefer other military games like Storm and Storm Astrum Defense, that are more betters. I am giving this game 6.5 from 10 points.

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