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Monday, March 17, 2008

Defend! - Tower Defense Game

Defend! is simple but unique tower defense game. Saying tower defense game is not really exact in this game.

At first, you will see very simple graphics. Ufff, it doesn't look on a good game. From start you have only 1 weapon and wall. But it is OK and in next levels it will be better. Main idea of game is to protect your flag from enemies. It is much more like Defend your Castle game. But it doesn't mean.
For defending your flag you can use these weapons:
  • Cannons can attacks on soldiers and ships. Expensive but very good weapon. You can have only 10 of them
  • Walls protect your flag from enemies
  • Marsh, easy way how to slow enemies
  • Warriors can attacks on soldiers
  • Tidal Pool is a trap for ships. It lasts only for 1 wave. You can have only 2 of them.

You must defend from these enemies:
  • Soldiers want capture your flag
  • Transport Ships transport soldiers and other enemies on the bank
  • Battle Ships can attack from the sea
  • Destroyers attack on your warriors at first, then on flag
  • Assassins attacks on your warriors
  • Pestilence is very strong enemy. It destroy one thing per wave in in every wave number of destroyed items increase. There is no possibility to defend from it.
Weapons can be moved between waves. They can also be turned with help r and e keys. When Pestilence is sent on your property, it is only question of time when you will lost game. Good strategy is protect flag with walls and marsh before them. Also cannons is good to protect with marsh. Game engine is very very simple. Between waves it opens one or 2 windows with info about new weapons or enemies and with list of available weapons. They can be bought with drag and drop system. Playability of this game is not bad from start. Later is game very easy, and after Pestilence arrival it is very difficult, because it doesn't exist possibility to defend from it.

Defend! is very funny tower defense game. I know, that it is very simple but I spent funny time with this game. I am giving this game 4.5 from 10 points.

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