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Friday, February 22, 2008

Elite Forces - Tower Defense Game

Elite Forces is tower defense game with excellent graphics and with many possibilities. Starygin V.A. author of this game is an excellent graphic and programmer.

I didn't find some info about author of this game. From name and possibility to choose Russian language, he is from Russia. But it doesn't mean. Game is attempt to combine some hero game with tower defense game. I don't like this combination, and I used my hero much more like movable defense tower. Elite Forces game has more modes. In first mode you must defend yourself in fortress and way to this fortress. Second mode is defense from prisoners breaking from jail. For each mode you have more difficulties and also SandBox mode. You must defend from ground and also from air enemies. Type of next waves you can see on bottom where is slider with future waves. For defense you can use many type of towers. They you can build with drag and drop system. Game has an excellent system for upgrades. When you upgrade tower on higher levels you can choose from various kinds of upgrades. That mean, that later, you can built more towers types from basic towers:
  • Ice towers have low damage, but they can slow enemies. They are very strong and necessary on higher levels.
  • Hero towers can improve damage of hero weapons.
  • Light towers will guide your weapons, by doing it faster.
  • Energy towers improve damage for all towers and hero weapons. They are suitable only for ground enemies.
  • Fire towers improve radius of explosions. They have splash damage and are suitable only for ground enemies.
  • Poison towers continuously damage enemies with poison.
  • Life towers are very cheap. They are suitable only for ground enemies.
  • Earth towers has very good damage. Some of them are suitable only for ground enemies.
  • Wind towers are good against air enemies. Some of them are suitable only for air enemies.
As you can see above, you must careful choose your upgrade evolution for towers. For hero you can buy many types of weapons: AK-47, J Gun, AA HG, eLR-12, Bow, SMG, RPG and FR/F1. I don't describe them here, as I said before I didn't use my hero possibilities. Weapons have also some powers. More info you can find in online help for game. Hero you can control with keyboard, keys are also in online help. During game map can change. They will be added new ways and exits. Be also careful on air enemies, they ignore ways, and they are going straight to exits. Game has also Load and Save possibility. When you finish game you can copy configuration for later Load.

Elite Forces is an excellent tower defense game with excellent graphics and very good playability. This game is very addictive, and you will spend a lot of time with this game. I am giving this game 9.5 points from 10.

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