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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Flash Element TD 2 - Tower Defense Game

I wrote about Flash Element TD a month ago. There I wrote that this game is one of the best tower defense online games. creates new version of this game Flash Element TD 2, and I must say that this game is even better than previous version.

From previous version game absorbed genial playability. Also difficulty of all levels is very good balanced. Target of game is to protect elements at end of map from stealing. Elements are added after some levels. On start you have 2 elements and you finish with 5 elements. There is difference from previous version, because you can also kill enemies when they are returning with stolen elements. When you kill enemy on return way, elements stay on way.

On start you can choose from 2 maps. Easy map has 50 levels. For harder 'Zig Zag' map you need to register on page. Down you can see status area with basic information about actual or previous level. Right it is control panel for levels. Here you can see info about next level.

From colors over squares on level slider you can see type of enemies in next levels. You will fight with gray creeps, red groupers, yellow runners, great resistors, fixer uppers, shifters and armour plated. Gray creeps are simple beast without special traits. Red groupers go in groups with more creatures. Yellow runners are fastest enemies. Great resistors has shield that reduce damage after hitting. Fixer uppers heal itself. Shifters can avoid for some time. Armour plated are toughest enemies. When you click on enemy, you can see info about its health, speed all hits in top right area together with zoomed creep on map. After 6 levels there is level with boss or bosses.

When you kill boss you gain besides of money also 5 tokens. They can be used for unlock better towers, for returning back elements after killing creature with stolen element or for increasing interests from each level. You can also twice, or 4 times improve HP of creeps, and after killing them you will earn more points.

You can choose from 10 types of towers. Basic arrow tower fires single arrows. Basic cannon tower fires heavy cannon ball. Basic slowing tower slows enemies. Snipper tower MK1 has huge range and good damage and is good for killing shifters. Fire tower damages enemies with fire. Chain gun can hit 4 enemies at once. Jet tower damages enemies in area. Glue gun freezes enemies for some time. Snipper tower MK2 is improved Snipper tower MK1. Last splinter tower is improved fire tower. Each tower can be upgraded 4 times or sold. Towers can also improve their parameters with experience.

Game has also other controls. All controls and information areas are on logical places, and when you play game first time, all controls will be illustrated in tutorial.

Flash Element TD 2 is an excellent tower defense game. It can contains more maps. I didn't play harder zig zag map but easy map I finished at first attempt. Games has nice graphics and good sound effects. I am giving this game 9 points from 10.

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