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Friday, December 21, 2007

Laser Defense - Tower Defense Game

Laser Defense is attempt to create tower defense game with big variety of weapons. But Nick Martucci has to do more work on this game.

In game exists 9 various laser towers. Each of them has specific features. Enemies are going in waves and in each wave are other types of enemies. There are 7 different types of enemies. Normal, Fast and Weak, Slow and Strong, Regen Enemies, Exploding Enemies, Warp Enemies, and Super Enemies. After each 10 waves, enemies type repeats but with more HP. Regen enemies slowly regenerate lost HP. They have less than Normal enemies but more than Fast enemies. The Exploding enemies explode after they are killed damaging nearby enemies. They have more HP than Normal enemies and less HP than Slow enemies. Warp enemies move 1 space at a time and disappear for a short time in-between. They have the same HP as normal enemies and cannot be targeted while invisible. However they can still be slowed down. Super Enemies are fast, strong, warping, regenerating enemies that are immune to the disruptor wave.
Towers can be upgraded. The rotating colors in the middle of each purchased tower will indicate how upgraded each towers is. The thicker the line the more the power has been upgraded. The faster it spins the more upgraded the speed is. Click on the tower to see how upgraded its range is.
Now something about quality of game. Game looks very difficult. But only to time, when you choose RailGun towers. If you start to use only this type of towers, you don't need to think what to do in next levels. Only buy new RailGun towers or update existing, and you can continue to level 60. Strategy for this game lost its meaning. Game has problem with more Scissors towers, and rapidly slow down.

Laser Defense can be good tower defense game, and I hope that in new version of this game, all mistake will be corrected.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hold the Holy Pig - Tower Defense Game

Defender - Hold the Holy Pig is tower defense game that reminds me strategy game S.W.I.N.E. You must defend yourself against a pig general with army of monsters. TheBestArcadeGames create good simply tower defense game.

What to say about this game. There is no difference between this game and a lot of others tower defense games. Standard graphics for flash games, basic sounds move this game from top somewhere in middle. What is good in this game is good balanced difficulty of attack waves. Game is easier than most of others, but you must good think what to do in each level. Only at last levels, after buying and upgrading ultimate tower is clear your winning. You have 6 weapons (resp. towers). Each tower can be upgraded five times. And each tower is a little bit specific. Fire tower has a good damage with medium range and attacks both air and land units. Wind tower has less damage but with good range and can slow enemies. Also attacks both land and air units. Lightning tower has very good damage and good range, but attacks air units only. Ice tower has little damage with a short range and slow enemies. Earth tower has good damage with a small range, but attacks land units only. Last tower is ultimate tower with excellent damage and very large range. This is the strongest tower and after buying ultimate towers game lost its good playability from start. As I say above this game is simple, but with good playability, and I recommend game Defender - Hold the Holy Pig for beginners in this genre like a good class-book.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Xeno Tactic - Tower Defense Game

Xeno Tactic is tower defense game with very good design. And sound is really excellent. Nowe Reginald create nice and addicting game. But...

When I first time play this game, everything looks fine. Later I realized that I know this game, and I scan my memory. Xeno Tactic is copy of my favourite game Desktop TD.
System of game is the same. Game has sci-fi background. You must defend your field exits from enemies. In first level you have only one enter and exit. Later you have two lines of enemies. Good message is that each line is its own exit. Best tactic is of course create mazes. But be careful, this tactic doesn't defend you from air attacks. When you find your own tactic, successful finishing this game is only question of time. Game contains more maps, and you can continue to next map only after finishing previous map. Excellent sound and graphics make from this game good source for fun. You can use 6 weapons, and every weapon can be upgraded. I read some bad reviews on this game, but I spend a nice time with this game, and however of this I recommend this game, especially for beginners.

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Defender Tower Defence - Tower Defense Game

Defender Tower Defence next from tower defense games with new try to make game in Fantasy style with magicians and heroes.

Defender is combination between tower defense game and adventure game. Towers are replaced with heroes and magicians. Defenders have can be upgraded only after gaining some experience and are colored with red profile. For upgrade you need some gold. Upgrades can be general or special. Special updates increase special attack power. After more upgrades defender also gains speed upgrade and range upgrade. Defenders can be built only on dedicated areas. If you have not enough free places, it is possible to clear new places. Adventure style of game is also in set of available maps. For each map it is necessary different tactics. Monsters in game have really good difficulty for each level. Game contains also map editor, where you can create own maps and share them with other players. Support page for game contains a good description how to use map editor tool. Nice game, with nice design and with original new idea for online tower defense games and I only recommend this game to all players.

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Friday, December 14, 2007

VR Defender - Tower Defense Game

VR Defender is tower defense game with new background idea. Your tool is to protect computer against wave of viruses. Game is created by DizzyWeasel.

It is year 3000 and you gain new job as network security engineer. But your job is not easy. Only way how to protect firewall from viruses is to use virtual towers. Game has standard graphics. I would prefer bigger icon with towers. And slowly moving background image is also not a good idea. Sometimes you have problem to find your towers, especially in higher levels. Now I want to write you about pluses of this game. VR Defender has 4 difficulty levels and each represent different map. Game is so difficult, and you spend a lot of hours playing this game. You have a big variety of towers. And each tower could be upgraded many times. Enemies, viruses, are more and more difficult. Combination of all features above create a very good tower defense game.

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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Gem Tower Defense - Tower Defense Game

Gem Tower Defense is really good tower defense game. You can build towers from gems, and you have in each turn possibility to choose one from 5 types of gems. Creator Peter Holko give to tower defense games new original idea and made excellent job.

At start of this game you have possibility to choose from 5 difficulties. For most of us Easy one is a good choice. Idea of game is next:
You bring on ground 5 gems. One from gem can be translated to defense tower and rest change to rocks, that can be used as walls. Tower parameters are inherited from type of gem. We can also do multiple updates for improving quality of gems. Better gems can be transformed to stronger towers. If are some gems the same in one turn, they can be combined to better tower. Some gems can be also combined in special way, to create best towers. Special towers can be also upgraded once. On map there are 6 points that enemies must cross. Otherwise you can create maze to lengthen way for enemies. Game is very addictive, especially after better understanding system of game. On page for game you can find all necessary info. I want to recommend this game for every clever player

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Budapest Defenders - Tower Defense Game

Budapest Defenders is tower defense game that is situated to street of capital city of Hungary, Budapest. It is October 23 th, 1956 and it is time to fight against the Soviet masters. Game is brought to us by TNT, which means someone was paid to write it. This unknown creator make a good job.

Nice game with very good playability. You have four types of weapons and road blocks. Road blocks are very useful, because you can with them block streets to manage moving of Soviet army. And this way you can better defend. Strategy is to join all enemies army forces to one with one possible way and attack on it. Every weapon have one possibility for upgrade, or it can be sold. I like a new idea, to make tower defense game in streets of city. Graphics is very good and also difficulty is hard enough. Budapest Defenders is very good tower defense game.

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Monday, December 3, 2007

Stalingrad - Tower Defense Game

Stalingrad is very nice tower defense game. Nice nostalgic music on piano is in background while hundreds of tanks, cars and people are dying. But you must kill them, otherwise enemies reach Stalingrad and your game finish. Creator from try to simulate history battle from WW2.

Your aim is to guide Stalingrad from enemies trying to conquer it. Game has 4 levels, and you can continue to next level only when you finish previous one. On each level you must manage a lot of waves of attacks. Before next wave you have time to buy weapons, or upgrade existing. It is also possible do it during game. Game is very good playable and has very good set growing difficulty for each wave. You have 5 types of weapons, and each is good usable on specific type of enemies. This tower defense game is one of my favorites, and I still don't finish it. I love piano music on background.

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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Keep the Keep - Tower Defense Game

Keep the Keep is new tower defense game. You must place on empty map your keep and defend it. You can place walls, soldiers, and towers. Creator from developed nice tower defense game.

Enemies are going from everywhere, and you must kill them before they reach your keep. Idea is similar to Turret Wars game from previous post. Fortunately you have enough money on start (only in easy mode), and you must carefully prepare your strategy. Otherwise you will finish soon. Game has 3 difficulties. From 3 possibilities how to defend your keep soldiers are not usable for this game. The best strategy is create maze from walls, combined with towers. My opinion is that this new game still in development has very good future. After correcting small bugs, and after adding some new towers this game will be one from most played online tower defense games.

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