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Friday, November 23, 2007

Antbuster - Tower Defense Game

Ants found your picnic and want to steal your delicious cake!! Defend your food, placing cannons in the field to kill the ants. Evolve your cannons to grow their fire power! How much you will survive to this challenge? Author Marcel Stein create beautiful defense game.

Your aim is clear. Defend your picnic cake among ants trying to steal parts of it. At first glance it looks like you have only one tower (cannon) type. But later you can update your cannon to various types. You don't have track where ants are going, you must defend whole field between cake and ant nest. There are 2 types of strategies for this Antbuster. First is start to defend cake, second start with attacking nest. Or you can combine both together. For me was better strategy attack to ant nest. With adding new cannons, and upgrading existing you can later attack most of the area. You can also select primary target, especially ants with part of cakes are good and necessary targets, before they reach nest.
But be careful ants are stealing your cake!!!

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Roman Sanine TD - Tower Defense Game

Tower Defence by Roman Sanine is mother of all online tower defense games. Game has simple graphics but very good set difficulty of all levels. You will be stressed in every level.

Game is based on Warcraft 3 "Element Tower Defence" and Starcraft "Turret Defence".
In spite of poor graphics game has a lot fans. Why? Because it is difficult to gain higher levels. I am not sure if somebody knows how much levels game contains. Possibly unlimited, but there is absolutely more than 100 levels. You have 3 standard towers, 1 high damage tower. And at last 1 not updatable storm tower. This is not useless in higher levels. Standard towers has possibility from 7 to 9 updates and high damage tower has only 3 updates. How I say before all levels are very good adjusted, and I am sure that you will spend a lot of time with this excellent game.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turet Wars - Tower Defense Game

I described one from the previous post game Desktop Tower Defense. This game is a similar to this game. Turet wars is game with very nice graphics and is very addicting. You don't have track for enemies, you must prepare it from towers. This is the main idea of this online game developed by

In this game you can choose from 3 maps. You have only 7 types of towers. 6 of them you can upgrade 5 times. Last tower is a special Laser Tower. For activating this tower you need to build 3 towers. When you build them, you finish game with high probability. Especially in easy mode with activating of laser towers there is no reason to continue in game, because result will be clear, your victory. But you need 300 bucks to build them, and money you must also use to beat enemies with other towers. Combination of 3 maps and 4 difficulty levels make from Turet Wars challenge for day or more.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bloons 2 TD - Tower Defense Game

Bloons Tower Defense game looks more like game for small children. But be careful. This game is really hard. Author Ninja Kiwi and Kaiparasoft Ltd makes really good work on this game. This is a second version of this game and there is also possible to play previous one.

Main idea of this tower defense game is to hit enemies (bloons vith various colors) with monkeys and special towers. You have 2 possibilities to upgrade your monkeys or towers. You can also use special traps to stop or slow enemies. Game has very good playability and is very addicting. Small amount of weak enemies on start slowly change to army of very strong enemies at the end. Each type of enemy represents bloon with specific color, and it change to weaker enemy (bloon with another color) after hitting. You can choose from 3 maps. Game has 50 levels and you need a lot of time to finish it.

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Desktop TD - Tower Defense Game

Are your bored? Imagine, that your desktop change to war field, and you must guard your position with using defense towers among enemies going from sides of your desktop. This is the main idea of this online game developed by

Nice graphics and nice idea for tower defense game. There are 9 different towers to choose from, each with different abilities. Towers can be improved by buying upgrades. Each level, or 'wave', contains 20 creeps (10 on easy) and they arrive every 25 or so seconds. They cannot be stopped. Your only defense is to purchase Towers to attack them. Some waves have special abilities like FAST or FLYING. Also, after every 8th wave is a BOSS wave that is especially hard to kill. All this features make this game addicting. And I can give you very good tip at the end. Read carefully instructions for this game, especially how to create maze to gain longer track for enemies, and more time for killing them all.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Temple Guardian - Tower Defense Game

Temple Guardian game is game developed by Mr. Hanzheng for Nice tower defense game. It was my first tower defense game that I play.

For building new towers you need gold and magic. For each type of tower various amount. Nice graphics with Chinese style. You can choose map, and you can also create your own with map editor. You can build towers and traps, Usually when towers doesn't stop enemies, traps help to stop them. You can do research and you can also upgrade existing buildings. Nice tower defense game to spend day or two with it.

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Onslaught - Tower Defense Game

Onslaught game is game developed by On pages you can find older versions of game and a lot of info about this game. Page also contains forum where a big community help each other.

Game on first view doesn't look very nice. Game with vector graphics looks more like game from past, or from era of 8 bit computers. But when you start this game, you will be excited. Standard tower defense game, from begin looks very easy, but later is more and more difficult. Game contains very strong upgrade support. Poor set of towers or weapons from begin will change to huge variety of weapons and upgrades. Especially after visiting forum for game you will find more and more possibilities how to play this game (to make laser chain for example). You have also possibility to choose from set of maps before starting game. I am giving this game full number of points. For me it is the best tower defense game now.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Defender - Tower Defense Game

Defender game is game developed by Standard tower defence game with serious difficulty.

Here is description from author:
Monster are preparing to attack your city. Your objective is to defend the city at all costs by building defense towers to attack the monster.Place the towers strategically to inflict maximum damage to your foes.
There are several type of towers :
  1. Fire : Good damage with medium range. Attacks both air and land units.
  2. Wind : Less damage with good range. Can slow a single enemy.Attacks both
  3. land and air units
  4. Lightning : Very good damage and good range. Attacks air units only
  5. Ice : Little damage with a short range. Will slow your enemies.
  6. Earth : Good damage with a small range. Attacks land units only
  7. Ultimate : Excellent damage with a very large range
All towers can be upgraded.

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