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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Finding host company for software promotion

I don't want to write here a list of companies with hosting services.
But I want to write important things for making a good choice from this list.

You have always 2 basic possibilities. Find free hosting or find paid hosting.
In case of free hosting company, is always important think on easy possibility to move on another host server. Usually a good free hosting services don't last forever. Free hosting is ususally good start, and it gives you possibility to try each feature without costs.

1. Important thing it is possibility to register own domain especially with free host. When your business will begin make some profit, and have good traffic from search engines, changing address is a brake for business.
2. Think about technologies for your promotion page. Do you nedd PHP, MySQL database. Amount of free hosts with PHP and MySQL is less than hosts with html support only.
3. Think about free space wich you need for your promotion page. When you want to use some videos or big pictures group of hosts is much smaller.
4. Traffic. At beginning it is not important, but when your pages started their live your needs will increase.
5. If you need some special technologies, for example sending mails from your web, or creating dynamic images your group is a very small.
6. And at last the most important thing. Support. Go to support forum for hosting and check dates of admin posts. When they are very old, it is not good choice.
7. Forum of hosting services is very important for making good choice. Here you will see each weak parts of hosting. Spend some time before you paid for something that will gain you headache (in case of bad hosting)

All points above are very important not only for free hosting but also for paid hosting.


Registration process for shareware

Your program must work in 2 states. Trial version offers only limited functionality, after registering program must switch to state with full functionality. Registration consist from:
Application side
1. GUI for one time entering some input from customers.
2. Algorithm for save this data somewhere.
3. Algorithm for read registration data in start application time.
4. Algorithm which checks if registration data are correct in start application time.
5. Global state variable if is app in trial or full mode
6. Conditions for limiting some functionality in trial version
How to write registration algorithm for shareware?

Web promotion side
1. Download page from application (trial version)
2. Buy page where you offer registration of application
3. Algorithm which generate registration key from buyer input on pages for payment processing, after payment

When you write algorithm for registration key generating, it is important to choose right inputs for this function. Inputs must customer enter while he will pay for registration. Usually it is a customer e-mail, or name. And it is good to find such algorithm which it is possible to write in programming language for application (Java, C++ and etc.) and also for HTTP request, that means in PHP for example.

Next possibility is using external libraries. A lot of companies for payment processing offer this kind of tools on their pages.


How to make program, suitable for selling as shareware

1. You must have idea about program category and do some market research. Go on some sites that are selling shareware and freeware ( for example) and find out how many similar programs are offered on these sites. Try download some of them and think, if you are able to write program with similar functionality, but more better. You program must have some unique features that gives you more chances on software market.
2. Think about your potential market size. How many people could use your program. It must be big part of population, otherwise you will not be able to sell your program.
3. Think about system of registration from trial version to full version. And also about limitations for trial version. There exists some standard packages providing this.
4. Your program must be user friendly. Don't force possible customers to do something manually outside of your program. Use standard input controls for your GUI. Good advice is give your program for testing somebody who is not related with programming. When you are testing DIY (do it yourself), you will never find how much bugs do you have in your program.
5. No bugs in your program (Especially in trial version).
6. Use a lot of reports (the best of all in graphics) in your program (when it is suitable). Sometimes program with good design has higher rank than program with more functionality.

There are more rules, but I think that rules above are the most important.


Selling shareware for beginners

A lot of programmers sometimes plays with idea to sell own programs on internet. Most of them have never realized this idea. Some programmers tried to find informations about selling software on internet and when realized how it is difficult give up this idea. But some do it.

What do you need when you want to sell your software on internet? Here are basic steps what to do, respectively how I have started.

1. Make program suitable for selling as shareware
2. Find out some registration algorithm for this software
3. Find host for creating web pages which promote this software
4. Register own domain (not necessary but strongly recommended)
5. Create web presentation for program
6. Find suitable payment processor for buying software
7. Promoting web and software on other pages on internet, especially companies selling shareware

Above are only basic steps. Each step written here is much more complicated. In next articles I want to write my experience with each step.


GTA Vice City 100% Completion

GTA Vice City 100% Completion walkthrough I was looking for long time. Finally I found it on Do you want also know how to win GTA Vice City and gain 100% Completion on your list of completed games? If yes read.

GTA: Vice City 100% Completion Guide

Storyline Missions

Ken Rosenberg
The Party
Back Alley Brawl
Jury Fury

Colonel Cortez
Treacherous Swine
Mall Shootout
Guardian Angels
Sir, Yes Sir!
All Hands on Deck

Ricardo Diaz
The Chase
Phnom Penh '86
The Fastest Boat
Supply & Demand

Kent Paul
Death Row

Tommy Vercetti
Rub Out
Bar Brawl
Cap the Collector
Keep Your Friends Close...

Side Missions

Avery Carrington
Four Iron
Demolition Man
Two Bit Hit

Stunt Boat Challenge
Cannon Fodder
Naval Engagement
Trojan Voodoo

Love Fist
Love Juice
Psycho Killer
Publicity Tour

'Big' Mitch Baker
Alloy Wheels of Steel
Messing with the Man
Hog Tied

Phil Cassidy
Gun Runner
Boomshine Saigon

Assassination Missions (Phone Missions)
Road Kill
Waste the Wife
Check Out at the Check-In
Loose Ends

Buy All Properties/Assets and complete all missions

3321 Vice Point - $2,500
1102 Washington Street - $3,000
Links View Apartments - $6,000
Ocean Heights - $7,000
El Swanko Casa - $8,000
Skumhole Shack - $1,000
Hyman Condo - $14,000


Boatyard - $10,000
Checkpoint Charlie

Cherry Poppers - $20,000
Distribution (Sell 50 'Ice Creams' in one run)

Pole Position Club - $30,000
Spend $600 on the dancer in the back

Kaufman Cabs - $40,000
Friendly Rivalry

Sunshine Auto's - $50,000

List 1
Blista Compact

List 2

List 3

List 4
Cuban Hermes
Baggage Handler
Mr. Whoopee
Pizza Boy

Terminal Velocity
Ocean Drive
Border Run
Capital Cruise
V.C. Endurance

Film Studio - $60,000
Recruitment Drive
Dildo Dodo
Martha's Mug Shot

Print Works - $70,000
Spilling the Beans
Hit the Courier

The Malibu - $120,000
No Escape?
The Shootist
The Driver
The Job

Robbing Stores
Bunch of Tools - Washington Beach
Jewellery Shop - Vice Point
Corner Shop - Vice Point
******** - Vice Point
Jewellery - North Point Mall
Bunch of Tools - North Point Mall
Gash - North Point Mall
Music Shop - North Point Mall
Donut Shop - Little Havana
Screw This - Little Havana
Café Robina - Little Havana
Laundromat - Little Havana
Ryton Aide ******** - Little Haiti
Jewellery Shop - Downtown
******** - Downtown

R3 Missions
Pizza Boy (Complete level 10)
Fire Truck (Complete level 12)
Paramedic (Complete level 12)
Vigilante (Complete level 12)
Taxi (Complete 100 Fares)

Vehicle Missions
Cone Crazy
PCJ Playground
Trial By Dirt
Test Track

Chopper Checkpoint Missions
Ocean Beach
Vice Point
Little Haiti

Top Fun
RC Baron - Top of North Point Mall
RC Bandit - Vice Point
RC Raider - Escobar International

Hyman Stadium Events

Shooting Range
45 or more points

35 Rampages
36 Unique Jumps
100 Hidden Packages

Rewards: You can recruit up to 3 bodyguards at your Estate in Starfish Island and you have unlimited ammo.


Pink Floyd - Music, that I love


This music group is well-known from their album and movie The Wall.

Music group, that change lives for many people. For me too.

I have started to listen Pink Floyd, when I was 25. Before I know name of this music group and Another brick in the wall.

Later I bought their complet Shine on. And I recognized, that this is the music for me. I started to collect their albums. I was collecting info about them from newsgroups and from books. Pink Floyd changed my life. Names Syd Barrett, Nick Mason, Right Wright, Roger Waters and David Gilmour were name of my music idols.

I want to write in this category about interesting moments from history of this music group.


Basic rule for fat people

Are you fat, and do you want to reduce weight?

And from everywhere around you hear how it is easy with their product?
Don't believe them. It is not easy, it is very difficult process.
No diet pills, no plasters, no special drinks.
Basic rule is:

You must eat less callories, than your body burn.

And your body burns more calories when you are active. Not when you are sitting and watching TV, but when you are playing with your children table tennis, or do something similar. That why is good program "Energy Diary".

You will see how much callories you will eat, and how much you will burn.
I will write here some good advices for everyone who wants to change his/her weight.


World is in bite of fat pandemy


World is in bite of fat pandemy, which would ruin health system each country in consequence of not checkable widespreading of diseases like diabetes or cardiovasular diseases and shorten average length of life for next generations. On that suggested authorities on international conference in australian Sydney.

"Obesity is worldwide disaster. Unobtrusively spreading subtle pandemy of obesity bites whole world now," said australian professor Paul Zimmet on initial ceremony of International congress about obesity, where meets more than 2500 experts and representatives of world health services.

According to Zimmet, who is authority on diabetes, presents obesity for world equal menace like a global warming and bird flu, for example.

Like said participants of congress, expenses on treatment health problems joined with obesity, are assesed on billions dolars per year in countries like Australia, Great Britain and USA.

"We are not in front of scientfic or health problem, but we are in front of monstrous economical problem, that step by step ruins each health service in the world," said professor Philip James, head of group established by health organizations for struggle with problems joined with overweight.

One from the most important problems is a rapid growth obesity of children, those are in older ages more liable to various chronical diseases.

Present generation children (according to problems joined with overweight) could be first in history, that will be dying soon than their parents, said professor Kate Steinbeck, authority on treatment of children's diseases in Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney.

World health organization(WHO) presents, that overweight is problem of more than 1 billion adults in present, and 300 milions are sufering from heavy obesity. In this group of people, comparing to others, exists much more chance of diseases like diabetes, hearth problems, high blood pressure and specific forms of cancer.

At present, as said Zimmet, there is more people suffering from obesity than from innutrition. To second group it is possible to assign about 600 milions of people.


How to be rich, nice and successful!

You are waking up, slowly opening your eyes. Lying on the beach and the sunshide above protects you from sun rays. On the table right of you is prepared glass with drink and behind you is waiter waiting on your wishes. From sea to rise a beautiful girl and is comming to you.
Meantime a waiter lights your cigar and you delightfully inhale a cigar smoke. When suddenly...

Dream on the beach finished...

Welcome back. No, it wasn't true, it was only dream. You are not young rich gentleman on the beach, but tired programmer hardly working on neverending and boring project. Slowly smile from your face has disappeared. And you unsatisfied with your life continue with work.

Everybody have his/her dream...

Most of us has dreams about wealth, about success. But only a small amount from us want to really change their lives. We are too lazy to make same radical changes. We abuse on our lives, on our living conditions, on our body. Most of us tried to change his life, but only small amount gain success. First disappointments from failures only confirmed us that it is impossible to do it.

But what is a solution of that?

To be rich, nice and successful is not run on small distance. Wealth, beauty and success are related together and it is not important order of your changes. When you are able change your body for example, you have higher possibility to be rich and successful. Important is an effort to make change. Find your main reason for changes. Think about envy of your neighbour when you will visit her with perfect body shaped in your new clothes. Or think about acid face of your boss while you are giving him notice and announcing him your new height of income in new position.
Your reason can be funny, but it must help you to gain your goals.

1. First of all never give up your effort. Only those who didn't give up will win.
2. Make plans with small steps and with strict terms.
3. Record your plans and goals somewhere and check their fulfilments.
4. Later add new goals to your plans.
5. With each small success you will be more self-confident.
6. When you don't fulfil the goal, think why not. Possibly you make bad goal with big step or short term. Rearange you goal in more goals with small steps.

How can I help you

This article is as the most of articles here advertisment for something. I don't give you complete manual how to be rich, nice and successful. I can help you only with small part of your effort to gain it. When you feel that you want to start with changing your body try my program Energy Diary ( ). This program I wrote for me, because I have dreams too.

Change your mind, change your body, change your life

Energy Diary will help you create your goal and check his fulfillment (Don't forget to do small steps). It contains 7146 foods with nutrition data for each food and 603 activities with energy expense for each activity. Database of foods is acknowledged from the Nutrient Data Laboratory of United States Department of Agriculture. That guarantee that all nutrition data for foods are faithful. You can log info about your energy intake and expense. And you can see your actual energy balance. You can also record your weight and height and simply check difference between your plans and reality. My program is a shareware, that means free to try it. You can record 100 foods and 100 activities. When you will feel that this program can help you, you can register it.


Don't forget to send me some money when you will be successful. We will see on the beach, but not in role of waiter :-).
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