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Friday, December 14, 2007

VR Defender - Tower Defense Game

VR Defender is tower defense game with new background idea. Your tool is to protect computer against wave of viruses. Game is created by DizzyWeasel.

It is year 3000 and you gain new job as network security engineer. But your job is not easy. Only way how to protect firewall from viruses is to use virtual towers. Game has standard graphics. I would prefer bigger icon with towers. And slowly moving background image is also not a good idea. Sometimes you have problem to find your towers, especially in higher levels. Now I want to write you about pluses of this game. VR Defender has 4 difficulty levels and each represent different map. Game is so difficult, and you spend a lot of hours playing this game. You have a big variety of towers. And each tower could be upgraded many times. Enemies, viruses, are more and more difficult. Combination of all features above create a very good tower defense game.

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