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Sunday, January 21, 2007

How to be rich, nice and successful!

You are waking up, slowly opening your eyes. Lying on the beach and the sunshide above protects you from sun rays. On the table right of you is prepared glass with drink and behind you is waiter waiting on your wishes. From sea to rise a beautiful girl and is comming to you.
Meantime a waiter lights your cigar and you delightfully inhale a cigar smoke. When suddenly...

Dream on the beach finished...

Welcome back. No, it wasn't true, it was only dream. You are not young rich gentleman on the beach, but tired programmer hardly working on neverending and boring project. Slowly smile from your face has disappeared. And you unsatisfied with your life continue with work.

Everybody have his/her dream...

Most of us has dreams about wealth, about success. But only a small amount from us want to really change their lives. We are too lazy to make same radical changes. We abuse on our lives, on our living conditions, on our body. Most of us tried to change his life, but only small amount gain success. First disappointments from failures only confirmed us that it is impossible to do it.

But what is a solution of that?

To be rich, nice and successful is not run on small distance. Wealth, beauty and success are related together and it is not important order of your changes. When you are able change your body for example, you have higher possibility to be rich and successful. Important is an effort to make change. Find your main reason for changes. Think about envy of your neighbour when you will visit her with perfect body shaped in your new clothes. Or think about acid face of your boss while you are giving him notice and announcing him your new height of income in new position.
Your reason can be funny, but it must help you to gain your goals.

1. First of all never give up your effort. Only those who didn't give up will win.
2. Make plans with small steps and with strict terms.
3. Record your plans and goals somewhere and check their fulfilments.
4. Later add new goals to your plans.
5. With each small success you will be more self-confident.
6. When you don't fulfil the goal, think why not. Possibly you make bad goal with big step or short term. Rearange you goal in more goals with small steps.

How can I help you

This article is as the most of articles here advertisment for something. I don't give you complete manual how to be rich, nice and successful. I can help you only with small part of your effort to gain it. When you feel that you want to start with changing your body try my program Energy Diary ( ). This program I wrote for me, because I have dreams too.

Change your mind, change your body, change your life

Energy Diary will help you create your goal and check his fulfillment (Don't forget to do small steps). It contains 7146 foods with nutrition data for each food and 603 activities with energy expense for each activity. Database of foods is acknowledged from the Nutrient Data Laboratory of United States Department of Agriculture. That guarantee that all nutrition data for foods are faithful. You can log info about your energy intake and expense. And you can see your actual energy balance. You can also record your weight and height and simply check difference between your plans and reality. My program is a shareware, that means free to try it. You can record 100 foods and 100 activities. When you will feel that this program can help you, you can register it.


Don't forget to send me some money when you will be successful. We will see on the beach, but not in role of waiter :-).
About the Author: Juraj Svajdlenka, author of this article My sharewares My SEO promotion services



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