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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Finding host company for software promotion

I don't want to write here a list of companies with hosting services.
But I want to write important things for making a good choice from this list.

You have always 2 basic possibilities. Find free hosting or find paid hosting.
In case of free hosting company, is always important think on easy possibility to move on another host server. Usually a good free hosting services don't last forever. Free hosting is ususally good start, and it gives you possibility to try each feature without costs.

1. Important thing it is possibility to register own domain especially with free host. When your business will begin make some profit, and have good traffic from search engines, changing address is a brake for business.
2. Think about technologies for your promotion page. Do you nedd PHP, MySQL database. Amount of free hosts with PHP and MySQL is less than hosts with html support only.
3. Think about free space wich you need for your promotion page. When you want to use some videos or big pictures group of hosts is much smaller.
4. Traffic. At beginning it is not important, but when your pages started their live your needs will increase.
5. If you need some special technologies, for example sending mails from your web, or creating dynamic images your group is a very small.
6. And at last the most important thing. Support. Go to support forum for hosting and check dates of admin posts. When they are very old, it is not good choice.
7. Forum of hosting services is very important for making good choice. Here you will see each weak parts of hosting. Spend some time before you paid for something that will gain you headache (in case of bad hosting)

All points above are very important not only for free hosting but also for paid hosting.



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